bass clarinets.

Yep, I have the best bass clarinets, and I have a ton of them. Go check them out!


When I got my first professional Bb clarinet in 1982, I went to a shop in downtown Chicago where I had a choice between one Buffet (an R13) and one Selmer (a Series 10). I chose the Buffet because I liked how the bell ring felt smoother against the wood. Ah, youth.

That was then. Nowadays when you’re looking for a Bb or A clarinet you have a LOT more choices, but despite that, you probably still have only a couple of clarinets to try (and 40+ years later it’s still an R13 and a few others!) Why? Because very few clarinet shops carry everything. So I decided to carry everything. Well, not everything everything—just clarinets that I believe in, and manufacturers who are actively continuing to push the envelope as they develop the next generation of clarinets.

Go see what I mean — there’s something for everyone here. Even for bass clarinetists. Or…gasp…sax players.


Loads of accessories for clarinet and bass clarinet that you can't find anywhere else.

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