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Carbon Fiber Bass Clarinet Stand

Carbon Fiber Bass Clarinet Stand

This is my favorite bass clarinet stand for traveling.

Why is it my favorite stand? Because it weighs about a pound (0,5 kg). Because it disassembles and fits in my bass clarinet case. Because it's built like a tank. Because the guy who makes it is a gem of a human being (Gijs van Leeuwen; his first name rhymes with "Case" in case you're wondering).

I've personally used this stand for 5 years and it still looks as good as the day I got it. It's never — not once — tipped over. Can you tell I love it?

So what is it exactly? This stand comes in 5 parts (I know the picture shows 6, but one of those rods fits inside another. Trust me.):

  • The main tube + legs
  • The extension tube (because Low C bass clarinets are LONG)
  • The neck collar
  • The bell cup
  • The "Tinkertoy" thingy that everything fits into.

You can assemble it in under a minute once you know how (it comes with instructions and a link to a video if you're a visual learner).

Below you can watch a video I made back in 2015 comparing three bass clarinet stands I own. Just scroll down.

I guarantee you will love it. If you don't, I'll buy it back from you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Kenneth Jarczyk
Carbon Fiber Bass Stand is very Cool!

I saw Michael review the stand, and I thought if I could cut another 10 pounds off my travel gear, I could really dig the results! The stand is incredibly light. The bottom foot is different than Michael’s video, but it works. The only caveat is when placing the bass, if you’re off center, the stand will try to fall over. If you’re careful, hit the center of the bottom pad, the stand is very secure. I like it a lot! Plus it all fits in the front pocket of the bass case. You will groove on this stand.

Jon Fincher
Out-stand-ing! (see what I did there?)

I love this thing -- I bring it to rehearsals so I don't have to lay my bass clarinet down in a crowded room to use the facilities or get a drink. It's very light-weight, but stiff -- with my horn on it, it doesn't want to move a lot. I have an E♭ bass clarinet, so the peg extends a little longer than it would on a D or C model. Even with the extra height, I had to work to unbalance the thing in the stand.

Once you figure out the somewhat confusing instructions on how to put it together, you can assemble it in a minute or so. I usually put it together first, and move it and my music stand to my chair before assembling the horn. I would recommend a little cork grease on the part connecting the top and bottom upright tubes together -- they are a snug fit, and pulling them apart without lubrication can be a bit of a challenge.

Everything does fit in my case (I have a standard one-piece run-it-over-with-a-bus case, more's the pity). The tubes slide into the barrel of my instrument, and the other pieces tuck nicely into the various areas.

My only complaint is unique to my desires -- this stand doesn't fit in the case in which I pack and carry my music stand. The longest tube is just about 5cm too long to fit.

Kathleen Hartman

Love this stand! Works great and very well made.

karen wells

Love this stand. I'm so glad not to be carrying around the heavy one anymore. I would not put an instrument on it and walk away from it though, as it can tip over perhaps a bit more easily than some other brands.

Jay Brandford

This stand works very well for my needs. Don't be turned off by the unusual assembly required. Heck, if you can put together a bass clarinet you can put together this stand.