Collection: Bass Clarinets

Why buy an instrument from me? I'll give you a few reasons.

  • I regularly go to the factory to pick them out personally, and I time my visits for when they have the most in stock—usually 15-20 instruments. And I get first dibs.
  • I pay out-of-pocket to have them professionally set up by one of the best technicians in the country, Miles DeCastro. He’s the same guy who sets up the instruments that I personally play. And I don’t charge extra for this. Because when you’re dropping this kind of coin, you should have a perfect instrument, right? For details on what he does, check out this page.
  • If you come to New York City, you’ll have at least 8 bass clarinets to try (usually more). Who else has this many hand-selected, in-stock, set-up bass clarinets in one place at the same time? Nobody. (Sound nuts to come to NYC? Think about it: travel to NYCeven a hotel overnight—is often less than typical shipping and restocking fees alone! And, I will either help you select an instrument, or get out of your way. Or, some combination of both.)
  • I have everything you need in one place for the bass clarinet. Like, seriously, everything.