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Royal Global Firebird Low C Bass Clarinet

Royal Global Firebird Low C Bass Clarinet

Royal Global is a fairly new manufacturer on the scene, and they have made huge strides over the past 6 years, refining their designs, upgrading materials, and...just tinkering with everything. And they've come up with what I think is probably the best overall value for a bass clarinet on the market today. Is it a Buffet or Selmer? No, but it's pretty damn close.

The Firebird, Royal's flagship bass clarinet, offers some unique features: a solid Grenadilla wood bell, rose gold posts, a removable neck resonator, and two pegs (long peg for standing, short for sitting) —these are features you will not find on any other bass clarinet available.

The sound is somewhere between a Selmer and a Buffet (you can listen below), and the response is very immediate and free-blowing.

Even though Royal Global instruments are now arriving in excellent shape from the factory — they've improved a LOT in this regard — I still think the spring tensions are too tight for the instrument, so I send them upstate to get tweaked, and we make sure all of the tone holes are sharp and clean. And of course, we make them seal like a champ. 

The total cost of the "earspasm setup" (for want of a better term) and tweaking of this instrument is included in the price—even though I pay out of pocket for it. Yes, it reduces my profit. Yes, people have told me I should charge a premium for doing it.

But I don't like the idea charging more for something that should come standard. So I won't.

All earspasm instruments come with a 7-day trial. Please read my trial policy before pulling out that credit card.

The instrument comes with:

  • Standard Royal case with hideaway backpack straps
  • Two pegs, (one sitting, one standing) standard.

Notice, the instrument does not come with a mouthpiece. Fortunately for you, I sell those too.


Q: What if I'm in New York and want to try it in person?
A: Come on over! Just send me an email so we can set up an appointment time.

Q: Does the instrument come with a warranty?
A: Yes, it comes with the standard Royal Global warranty against cracks, etc. If you ever have any problem with the instrument, I'm your quarterback. I'll take care of the whole process, just let me know you need help, and I'll take it from there.

Q: What happens if it's damaged during shipping?
A: Inspect the package before you sign off at delivery! If there are any issues resulting from shipping, we have taken out an insurance policy to cover damage (and loss). But we need you to document this damage or we can't do anything to help.

Q: If I decide to return it, do also I have to pay return shipping costs?
A: Yes. And you will also want to insure it!

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. You can add your shipping address when checking out to see what the shipping costs will be before taking the plunge. Note that VAT and Customs Duties are not included in this cost.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Waskins

I took a chance based upon a recommendation from a friend and former music store owner, and it has been a wonderful experience. With Michael's expert guidance I have ended up with the instrument of my dreams. Combined with the wealth of information on his YouTube channel, I have everything I need to keep me growing as a player for years to come.

Steve Silverberg

I hesitated to purchase an instrument of this price sight unseen from someone I have never met but went ahead and did so. I received the Firebird Bass Clarinet last week and find it to be just as Michael described on his web site. I am pleased with its sound and the way it plays. It may not be a Buffet or Selmer but it's a huge upgrade from the low Eb student model I have been playing for years. Thanks to Michael for answering all my questions and representing the instrument accurately.


It was a pleasure doing business with Michael! He is very responsive to any questions you might have and is ready to help and assist you at every step of the way in the purchase of your own shiny new bass clarinet. Shipping was fast, the instrument was very well packaged and arrived in great shape, it played well right out of the box.

For the instrument itself, it is simply amazing! It is an incredible value! It is just as good (or even better!) than any other pro bass clarinets you can get from other renowned manufacturers while being significantly cheaper, and it also comes standard with features you do not find anywhere else (wooden bell, standing peg, neck resonator, rose gold posts). It sounds great, plays very evenly and is just such a beautiful instrument!