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Paraffin Teeth Cushion Travel Case

Paraffin Teeth Cushion Travel Case

Ezo-lovers, welcome! I think you're going to love this stuff. 

I use one of these all the time. I just cut the big ol' wax roll into the length I like, throw a stack of these wax squares in my little box, and drop the box in the case. It's fantastic. And it's a great, inexpensive way to keep your in-use cushions ready-to-use!

Grab this Travel Case for half-price when you purchase it pre-loaded with Teeth Cushions!

Whadda bargain!

Would you like it with wax, or without?
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How to cut and fold your paraffin teeth cushion!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mihran Kochyan

I love it so much, I am re-ordering. The only downside is that my fellow clarinetists are constantly asking me to cut them a piece so they can use it

Heather Salamay

The teeth cushions work great and the travel case is great to store them in. Only improvement i can suggest is having them precut and ready to use

Brendon Lucas

This stuff will change my life. I've been using cigarette paper to cover my teeth for 20 years. Tried all the alternatives, even had my dentist make me a tooth cover. Nothing was ever thin enough - UNTIL THIS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ezra S

These cushions are so good. I didn't even know if i needed them when i bought them. I really do think that they'll make playing my instrument much more comfortable, especially in long practice sessions and rehearsals.

Dale McGary

Great product. As advertised.