Removable Music Highlighter Tape

Removable Music Highlighter Tape


Bright, Transparent, Writable and Removable!

This tape is SO awesome.

Before I discovered Highlighter Tape, I used to mark my parts up so I would know what I needed to practice. And then those scribbles would stay in my music forever. This removable highlighter tape is bright, but see-through, and once you’ve practiced a section to perfection, you can just take it off and put it somewhere else on your music. (It’s got the same “glue” as Post It notes)

Teachers: This is great to put on your students’ music to indicate areas where you’d like focused practice.

Buy one of each color and you can use different colors for a different focus: For example: Pink can be a reminder of dynamics, Yellow can be technical issues, Orange can be Intonation.

Oh, and here’s a video of me talking about how I use them!

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