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Removable Music Highlighter Tape

Removable Music Highlighter Tape

Bright, Transparent, Writable and Removable!

This tape is SO awesome.

Before I discovered Highlighter Tape, I used to mark my parts up so I would know what I needed to practice. And then those scribbles would stay in my music forever. This removable highlighter tape is bright, but see-through, and once you've practiced a section to perfection, you can just take it off and put it somewhere else on your music. (It's got the same "glue" as Post It notes)

Teachers: This is great to put on your students' music to indicate areas where you'd like focused practice.

Buy one of each color and you can use different colors for a different focus: For example: Pink can be a reminder of dynamics, Yellow can be technical issues, Orange can be Intonation.

Oh, and here's a video of me talking about how I use them!

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Customer Reviews

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The accessories are always useful!

I don't just LOVE this removable tape -- I'm a chorus nerd and its all over my Bach scores for my choir.

Brendan Williamson

This stuff is fantastic! I keep some at my audio workstation, and some in my saxophone case. It stays put, makes emphasizing and adding short notes (pencil works great on the tape!) to critical sections for further practice a breeze, and once I have mastered a part, the tape comes off cleanly and my music looks as good as new. If I am at my wall-mounted stand, I often will save clean pieces I have removed by sticking them to the edge of the stand, and have found that they can be reused very effectively as well (waste not, want not).

I experimented a bit with using different colors for different purposes, but I honestly think that getting several rolls of a single color to keep in a few places would be even more useful. I suspect I will eventually order more, and keep a roll at the piano, in my desk drawer, in each of my guitar cases, in my ukulele case, in my pedalboard case, in my pencil case... you get the picture. I think this would also make a great inexpensive gift for any musician, as well as for any avid reader or scholar. I am reminded of selling my used textbooks in college after I had marked them up, and I think this would be a cheap way to get a lot more money for them when you are done.

One thing to consider: I was playing a show last night and had a few queues and sections marked on my music and set list with the yellow tape, and the tape appeared dark under the crazy stage lighting (many colors, including violet), which actually made reading more difficult. I did not have the other colors with me, and I obviously would not have time to swap the tape out anyway at the show - just a word of caution that clean music may be important in certain lighting conditions.

One final note - I saw this product originally on the Earspasm site, and although I looked around to see if I could get it cheaper or more quickly, I could not. I strongly recommend the product without hesitation, and I also recommend Earspasm as a great source! Thank you, Michael, for introducing me to this product, and getting it into my hands quickly. :-)

Katherine Anderson

Shop has some useful, and hard to find products

Leon Van Tendeloo

I like this product very much, not only for music paper, but also in books.

Jeff Knell

Good product. Effective, removable, transparent enough to see though. I'll use this to highlight instrument changes in reed books for musicals and clef changes in bassoon student music as appropriate.