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World's Slipperiest Cork Grease

World's Slipperiest Cork Grease

This is the same stuff as Ultimax Cork Lubricant, which is the slipperiest cork lubricant known to humankind. Or dogkind.

What is Ultimax? It is cork- and adhesive-safe lubricant that will not break down cork (like cork grease made from petroleum — which is what most of the “chapstick tube” cork grease sticks are based on). It’s also safe for wood, ABS, and composite (e.g.: Greenline) and rubber. You’ll notice it doesn’t cake on, but rather absorbs into the cork, leaving a long-lasting glide.

Word to the wise: use only a TINY amount at first. You won’t need to glop it on like other cork grease.

Give it a try; for 5 bucks you really can’t go wrong.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Timothy V
This is some great stuff!

No idea what it is, but it's super slick (just a dab 'I'll do ya!) and no greasy gross residuals! I've been using it a few weeks now and love that it requires less pressure to put my clarinets together! Really happy with this product!

Steven Bergman
Slippery Cork Grease

Yes, this stuff is, indeed, slippery. Wonderful product, especially for bass clarinet. Corks that aren't greased well, may result in bent keys.


The name says it all.

Keith Francis
Cork grease

A step up! My clarinet deserves it. Not messy and very economical in application and price.

Kenneth Jarczyk
Slipperiest in the World!

You know, I’ve been around the World, well all over the USA and also a month long quartet tour of China. I’ve encountered many types of cork grease. ****, I’m an old guy, and remember using rendered sheep fat (sort of a lanolin) - and I still can smell that stuff! Michael’s slippery goo is among the best cork grease I’ve encountered! The only other grease close is by Tromba.