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Vandoren Traditional Alto Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Vandoren Traditional Alto Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Note: These are priced per reed. One of 'em. (Not a box. Though you're welcome to buy 10 of them, and I may just throw in the box for free)

The Alto Clarinet loves you, but it feels...neglected sometimes. Malnourished. Feed your Alto Clarinet a couple new reeds and it will probably jump in bed and lick your face with its Alto Clarinet spit. I've been there; it's delightful.

Feel free to buy single reeds—I don't charge a premium for breaking up a box, so you can just buy a few, or mix and match. Seriously no one else does this.

For those doing math, I price these reeds as one-tenth of a normal box of 10 reeds. But you don't need to buy a box to get this discount!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephen Kos

They arrived!

Micah Atkins

The convenience of getting just one reed is so good. thank you so much

Artemio Sandoval

Works well on a Noblet mouthpiece. I like the tone but the 3.0 strength is a bit too firm for my preference. A 2.5 strength option for the singles would be fantastic.


These work fine with my Grabner BH mouthpiece. Good tone and articulation

lori mcintyre

I just love the fact that you carry single alto clarinet reeds! They aren't easy to find! These are very good quality reeds, too. Thanks Mike.