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Staff Paper Post-Its®

Staff Paper Post-Its®

Teachers: did you ever wish for a small piece of staff paper that would stick onto your student's music so you could write out a little exercise for them? You know, that they wouldn't lose?

Or people who want to write a few measures of transcription, or ossia part, or happy birthday, or a Grammy-award-winning piece of music that just came to you in a flash of inspiration?

I did. So I made these.

Each pad comes with 25 sheets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Melissa Gallant

The staff paper post-its worked perfectly! I needed to transpose a part on rental music and used them to cover the original notes, and I can pull them off after the concert.

Robert Blazek

Lightning fast service and delivery. Are the VK 1's back in stock?

Sari Coc

Love these! Bought extra for my musical friend!

Linda Reed

My sister is a music teacher and really wanted something like these. She love them!

Gwendolyn Williams

Adorable! Great customer service!