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Microfiber Pad Drying Cloth

Microfiber Pad Drying Cloth

Water in your keys? I spent a month looking for the best material to dry pads and I found it. In Korea.

These soft, extremely thin microfiber pad dryer cloths are quite simply the fastest, most effective, durable and inexpensive I could find. So I bought a ton of this material, cut it into strips for you to use, and am selling it for next to nothing.

For $2, you get two feet (2/3 meter for everyone not from 'murica or brit'n) of this stuff, in two strips. Just cut them to the size you want, and you're good to go.

Machine-washable. Imported, by me.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Larry Li

Great! only issue I have is that it gathers lint or debris when I some in my pocket but its so cheap and there's so much of it it still works great.

Timothy Vander Ploeg

I have the Spit Sponge that works the same way and I love it! Super-helpful product!

Kevin Strauss

Works great. I keep one clipped to my music stand so it's always at the ready.

Bruce San Filippo

The strips of Microfiber Pad Drying Cloth work very efficiently to preserve pads by removing moisture that accumulates on and around them after playing your instrument. They are generously packaged and economically priced. Buy them and you won't get the weird looks and awkward questions from vendors of cigarette papers which many of us have used to dry out pads previously.

Kathy Crotty

Super stuff and fast service .

Thanks sooo much!