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Légère French Cut Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet Reeds

Légère French Cut Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet Reeds

True story: this past week (I'm writing this in April, 2024) I had a reed disaster. For the first time, I had ZERO reeds that worked on my bass clarinet — I had a concert to play in 30 minutes. It was a weird weather day, and it was game time. I had one of these French Cut Tenor Sax reeds in my case that Légère had sent me to try, and I slapped it on the mouthpiece. And. I. Crushed. It. (not the reed; the concert slammed.)

Now, I've tried other cuts of Légère reeds on Bass Clarinet in the past but I've never felt comfortable playing a concert on them before. After that experience last week, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again...assuming I didn't have a cane reed that was better. Yeah, you can call me a cane reed snob, I don't mind.

But wait, didn't you say Tenor Sax reed??

Yep, Tenor Sax reeds are basically identical to Bass Clarinet reeds. Don't believe me? Watch this video. Légère does not make a French Cut reed for Bass Clarinet yet, but I personally don't care, since these Tenor reeds work perfectly. 

If you have tried Légère reeds in the past, and have not found success, I strongly encourage you to try these. I think they are a step up from the European Cut reeds in one important way: I find the tip of the French Cut responds MUCH more crisply, especially when articulating staccato. It's nearly cane-like. Impressive. Oh, and Légère claims these are "darker" than its European Cut sibling. Your mileage may vary, but there is more "meat" in the vamp, which gives the sound more body.

By the way, if you are used to the European Cut, just note that these run a hair softer—like maybe an 1/8 strength. 

Now, I do not carry all of the Légère varieties — I'm not a fan of the Classic or the Signature cuts at all — but I do carry these French Cut reeds, and the European Cut bass clarinet reeds. 

Important note: these reeds on this page, are not returnable to Earspasm, however Légère offers a generous exchange program. Just click that link, fill out the form, and they'll exchange your reed.

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Eschbacher
Great reed

I had tried the bass clarinet European cut. This is so much better.

David S Naden
One of the Best Synthetic Reeds Available

One of the BEST Synthetiic Reeds Available

About one year ago, I began using Legere reeds in the European cut, and later the French cut. There were many reasons, but suffice to say that Leger reeds are one of the best makes of synthetic reeds available today--no matter the cut, be it European, French, Signature, American, or Classic. So here is the "good, bad, and ugly" of Legere reeds:. THE GOOD: Legere reeds are extremely consistent reed-to-reed, are available in quarter strengths, and play right out of the box with no adjustments needed. THE BAD: On a per reed basis, Legere reeds are expensive when compared to the cost of cane reeds. However, as Legere reeds play out of the box with no adjustment, and because of their longevity, much of that difference is eliminated in reality. THE UGLY: Because Leger reeds come in quarter strengths matching reeds to the mouthpiece will take more time, and could result in reeds purchased that are too strong or too weak. However, Legere does have an exchange policy to remedy some of guess work. But...once a player finds that perfect reed, the results can be amazing. While Legere reeds are my personal favorite synthetic reed, they may not be to everyone's taste in synthetic, or for those who prefer cane. All I can say is give Leger a try, and you may be surprised...