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Carbon Fiber Standing/Sitting Peg

Carbon Fiber Standing/Sitting Peg

For many, a strap is not an option when playing standing up. Either they cannot use a harness, or they simply don't like the angle of the bass clarinet when being "hung" from a strap. All good, I've got your solution.

The Carbon Fiber Standing Peg from WoodwindDesign

This peg came from a request I sent to Gijs van Leeuwen (the brains behind WoodwindDesign in The Netherlands), asking him if he'd be interested in making a lightweight standing peg that didn't wobble. (Every single standing peg I have ever tried wobbles when playing the instrument. I can't stand it.)

Well, he took me up on the challenge/request, and invented this peg. And it's damn near perfect.

  • It is modular — you can remove the thin interior peg and use it by itself as a sitting peg.
  • It's lightweight — the carbon fiber sitting peg weighs less than 1/4 of my regular sitting peg. Hell, the ENTIRE peg system weighs less than my sitting peg weighs. (For reference, my Selmer peg weighs 4.1oz/116g; this sitting peg weighs 0.9oz/26g; and this full standing peg system weighs 3.6oz/102g.) Insane.
  • It's wobble-free — the carbon fiber tubing in the standing peg produces ZERO wobble when standing.
  • It leaves no trace — both the interior sitting peg and the main standing peg come with a plastic cap that will not mark up your floor.

One size fits all. Seriously.

The peg will work for any size bass clarinet (Low Eb or Low C), and any size human. (Though to be fair, some of these guys would have had to deal with a little wobble in the extension, but it would still work!)

The Carbon Fiber Standing Peg is strong, durable, adjustable to anyone's height, and easily transportable in your case. Exact diameter of the peg insert (for your bell) is 7mm. Be sure to double-check your peg to ensure it's the right size. But even if you get it and you aren't satisfied with the on:

Worry-free guarantee

I guarantee you will love this peg. If you don't, just send me a note within 30 days and I'll buy it back from you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Nice! And arrived quickly.

Idris Harries

Thanks Mike. I finally got my Bass back from servicing. Been using the new stand. I love the flexibility, its strength and being wobble free. So good to be standing to play!!! Cheers. Idris Harries, Queensland, Australia.

Stephen White

Service was quick and professional; it's always a pleasure to work with the good folks at earspasm!

Ramesh Sivacolundhu

Strong, light peg and easily tall enough - perfect!

C Yogendran

I love this carbon fibre stand so much that I bought two! It is light weight and durable. I mainly use it for my Leblanc paperclip contras. They fit perfect and are wobble free unlike the factory pegs.