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Carbon Fiber Bb Clarinet (or A clarinet) stand

Carbon Fiber Bb Clarinet (or A clarinet) stand

Ok, this thing is sick. It weighs about as much as a pencil.

I'll let that sink in.

All of the "legs" have tiny magnets on them that keep them firmly in place inside the base, and when you're done, you put them in the hollow top tube...and there are magnets in there to hold them in place that way, too. When assembled, it's super-stable but has a little "give" to it to manage uneven floors.

Such a clever design, but I wouldn't expect anything less than Gijs van Leeuwen at WoodWindDesign in the Netherlands.

Now, the stand can't store inside a Bb clarinet bell (like most of the pack-away stands on the market), BUT it does fit inside most lower joints quite comfortably. So yeah, it's amazing. Buy one.

Besides, if you don't like it, I'll buy it back from you; all you'll be out is postage. Not much risk, right?

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Customer Reviews

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Ken Jarczyk

This clarinet stand is truthfully- the Cat's Meow! I hope they soon make one for E-flat clarinet.

Roland Rizzo

Excellent stand! Not only fits A and Bb, but also C and one of the few that works with BC XXI. 3 of them together weigh less than one K&M in-bell stand. You will be pleased.

William Bainbridge

These are quite nice. You'd think with the slightly mismatched bendy legs and the lack of a contoured base for the instrument to rest on that they might be too wobbly, but they're really not. The instrument seems at least as stable as with other stands, four legs instead of three makes it noticeably harder to knock over, and the weight and small size makes them infinitely more convenient.

Russell Kopp

The carbon fiber Soprano Clarinet Stand lives up to every claim of its design in being the perfect mix of lightweight, compact, and strong, in an otherwise artistic and bespoke design that makes it as practical as it is a conversational art piece.

Denise Daniels

This stand works wonderfully and I love the convenience of storing it within my instrument in the case so it's available should I need it. Even though it is lightweight, it holds my clarinet firmly in place. Note though that when I had it unloaded on a crowded hard-floored rehearsal stage and people were squeezing in and out, people don't see it and it can be kicked quit a distance without anyone realizing it. So tuck it out of the way if you find yourself in a similar environment.