September (Earth Wind & Fire) for Clarinet Choir

September (Earth Wind & Fire) for Clarinet Choir


My absolute favorite tune, September has the perfect mix of everything I love about pop music. It’s literally perfect. Thank you, Maurice White and Earth Wind & Fire for writing it.

What you get (and it’s a lot)

This arrangement is for either 7 clarinets or 7 bass clarinets. I’ve included versions for both, and in both the original key (B major!) and in C major for something slightly less challenging.

In addition, you get a really cool piece of software that plays the clap & beatbox tracks in any tempo you want. Just run it on your Mac, plug a cable between your computer and a mixer (or speaker) and you’re off to the races. Or, if you’ve got a beatboxing friend who can clap, you can play this all on your own. Your choice.

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