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Marcus Bonna Bb/A Clarinet Double Case (with Backpack) [earspasm edition]

Marcus Bonna Bb/A Clarinet Double Case (with Backpack) [earspasm edition]


Rounding out the selection of cases we provide, from the teeny Ultra-Compact Bb Case to the Bass Clarinet/Bb Clarinet Double Case, we now offer this Bb/A Double Case!

I personally love having a colorful case. Why? Because when you’re backstage, now your case will find YOU. (Well, unless you get the black version of this case, that is—then it’ll blend in perfectly I guess. Hey; no judgement here.)


On the outside front it has two pouches, one for music (or a tablet), and another for things like a cell phone or keys or reeds or whatever you want to have handy. On the rear, it has loops for the included backpack straps. Or, if you’d prefer to carry it over your shoulder, it has that strap included as well. Your choice!

On the inside, it’s got Marcus Bonna’s special high-density foam that suspends the clarinets in air, keeping the keys from being jostled, so they stay in adjustment. The case itself has a hard shell underneath the easy-to-clean nylon (or leather) cover, so it protects the instrument from shock, while looking awesome for years to come. And inside it has a velvet interior with moveable foam blocks to customize it to your clarinets and accessories. You can carry at least four barrels, a mouthpiece, a swab, cork grease, reeds, and whatever else you usually carry inside your current case.

I’m also delighted to report that these cases are proudly made using 100% Renewable energy.

If you’re interested in a color combination that you do not see here, let me know and I can order something TOTALLY custom for you. (See below for color options.) I order cases every month, and the production time is about 75 days from the date of order.

Important notes: This case requires that you remove the bell from your instrument. And it will not accommodate Rossi clarinets (If you have a set of Rossi clarinets, contact me — Bonna has a solution for you, too.)


Q: Will it protect my clarinet as well as my current case?
A: Absolutely. In fact, it likely will protect it better than your current case!

Q: Does it hold an A clarinet?
A: Yep, that’s kind of the point.

Q: Can it fit two Bb clarinets instead (or an Eb, or…)?
A: No, it’s specifically built for Bb/A clarinets. However, Bonna makes cases for just about every combination,
so contact me and I can quote you for the case you’re looking for.

Q: Will it fit in the front pouch of a bass clarinet case?
A: No, it’s probably too big.

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Want to roll your own color combo? No problem. Here are your options!

Note, you can combine colors in the following ways: The main body of the case can be one color, with the music pouch a separate color.

And, you can select the color of your piping separately as well! Just contact me with your selections and I’ll take it from there

someone got their school colors...

nylon swatches


Black - 1

Dark Brown - 2

Brown - 3

Camouflage - 4

Moss Green - 5

Dark Green - 6

Green - 7

Turquoise - 8

Blue - 9

Gray - 10

Beige - 11

Wine - 12

Red - 13

Yellow - 14

Pink - 15

Purple - 16

White - 17

Royal Blue - 18

Orange - 19

Gray Heather- 20

Green Heather - 21

Blue Heather - 22

leather swatches


Black - 1

Dark Brown - 2

Brown 2016 - 3

Light Brown - 4

Beige - 5

Wine - 6

Blue - 7

Red - 8

Cow Leather – Crocodile Design - 9

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