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Paraffin Teeth Cushion-by the yard/meter

Paraffin Teeth Cushion-by the yard/meter

Forget cigarette paper. Forget denture tape. Forget floral tape. Medical-grade paraffin is the solution to the problem of teeth cutting into the underside of your lower lip. x

I've been using this stuff for about 30 years. (And Ezo-lovers, welcome. I think you'll love this as a replacement for Ezo.)

What is it? It's paraffin wax which comes in a very thin sheet. When folded and placed on the teeth, the heat of your mouth creates a perfect fit. You can use each cushion for several days. It's very smooth (unlike paper or tape), thin (unlike floral tape) and extremely comfortable to use (unlike either)! And it is much less expensive than some of the new options on the market.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Cut off a about an inch (25mm) of the paraffin sheet.
Step 2. Fold in half lengthwise, turn 90 degrees, and fold again.
Step 3. Fold again and press over teeth. In about a minute, the heat from your mouth will form the sheet perfectly to your teeth.

Let's do some math: Roughly 70 cushions. Each lasts about 3 days. That's 210 days of cushions—and that's if you practice every day!

Not bad for 3 bucks.

Note! During summer months, in hot climates, this stuff will melt. I recommend not ordering and shipping unless it will be delivered to a temperature under 80º F/27º C.

New: I'm now carrying Teeth Cushion Travel Cases for just a couple bucks. It's a great way to carry this stuff around, and ready to go!

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So schneiden und falten sie ihr paraffin-zahnkissen!

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

These do a great job of protecting my lips from my sharp teeth, which lets me play for much longer before my emboucher fatigues.

Yinuo Wang

Really good product

Gisele Bryce

This is an amazing product to protect the lip! I am a clarinet player and have been for about 50 years and have always used bits of paper towels or cigarette papers to cushion my lip. I was so glad to finally find this product. I got the sheets and then just cut them into 1 inch pieces. I keep a stash in my case and just pop one in as needed. The wax is much more durable and doesn't slide around like the paper ones I was using.

Yuji Wenger

Amazing products at cheap costs!!

Kerry Hogan

I don't play an instrument but found the product through searching for mouth/lip guards. A family member had developed ulcers from a nervous/anxious habit. The product helped tremendously. Thank you!