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Vandoren V21 Bass Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Vandoren V21 Bass Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Note: These are priced per reed. One of 'em. (Not a box. Though you're welcome to buy 5 of them, and I may just throw in the box for free)

These are a newer variety Vandoren produces. They are not especially finicky, but they do require breaking in slowly. I use these kind of interchangeably with the V12, which has a similar shape, but are slightly less thick at the heel. V21 reeds are typically are about 1/2-strength harder than the traditional cut (the "blue box") so take that into consideration.

Feel free to buy single reeds—I don't charge a premium for breaking up a box, so you can just buy a few, or mix and match. Seriously no one else does this.

For those doing math, I price these reeds as one-fifth of a normal box of 5 reeds. But you don't need to buy a box to get this discount!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matthew Weger

I have only played V12, so I decided to try the V21, and I like them interchangeably for different playing situations. I love being able to buy only a few at a time!

Samuel Barrett

Great reeds!

Rowan Lorio

Shipping was fast, there was stickers in the box, reeds are AMAZING!! Probably some of the best reeds i've ever played on. Great projection i the higher octave and fantastic tone in the lower. 11/10 stars. Definitely going to buy again

Frank Watson

Haven had the opportunity to try them out yet. Anticipating good results.

Paul Schaleger

I like the Vandoren V21 for the bass clarinet. Similar to the V12, same richness, perhaps a little more edge? Your mileage may vary.