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Vandoren Optimum Black Bass Clarinet Ligature

Vandoren Optimum Black Bass Clarinet Ligature

The Vandoren Optimum. But, you know, blacker. I personally play this ligature (and played the Silver version before it) because it's just a great piece of gear. It's not fussy like many other ligatures, lets the reed vibrate (and you have three reed plates to choose from which sliiiiightly change the response of the ligature), and it's a great value. Seriously, there is no need for expensive ligatures like these.

But you don't want a piece of crap either.

Does the black make a difference? Why not get the silver? Well, first of all black doesn't tarnish like silver—and being married 24/7 to a mouthpiece that emits sulphur, that's a factor. And it does not feel any different from the silver ligature.

Plus, you know, black.

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Here’s how it looks on a Vandoren B50 mouthpiece. Slick, right?

Have a look in 360°!

Click & drag to rotate, and double-click to zoom in

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Larry Jensen

Earspasm has literally equipped my son with the best clarinet set up in the world.

Thank you!!

David Nierman

Works well, looks great.

Wendy Visscher

This ligature is amazing. Just that one change to my bass clarinet made all my notes (esp. high register) sound so much easier and better!

Richard Wessler

The black Optimum looks good and is less bulky than the Rovners I've been using. It sounds good too.

Chandra Hatfield

Adjusted well, looks beautiful, sounds fantastic--such a nice, rich sound.