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Vandoren B40 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Vandoren B40 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

The Vandoren B40 mouthpiece is one of the best entry-level bass clarinet mouthpieces on the market. It is a terrific mouthpiece for all, but I highly recommend it to beginner/intermediate players because it has a slightly smaller tip-opening (193mm vs 205mm) than its big brother, the B50. It has a medium-long facing, which provides a nice balance of control-to-volume ratio. (In other words, you will sacrifice a bit of maximum volume, in exchange for an instrument that is easier to control). The tone is focused and will provide a great ensemble playing experience.

If you're looking for the same mouthpiece, but with thinner tip rails, check out the B45. What does a thinner tip rail do? Your sound will be a bit more compact and possibly brighter. You can see a side-by-side comparison of the two mouthpieces below.

Now, many folks allow for trials of mouthpieces. I don't. Why? (Is it because I'm a jerk? No.) Vandoren's manufacturing and hand-finishing process is so well-oiled, so consistent, that every B40 is essentially the same.

That said, if you'd like to return it, I can accept it and sell it as used, however there is a $50 restocking fee to cover the reduction in value of the mouthpiece.

You simply cannot go wrong with Vandoren, and it's a great value.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jean-Luc Mosley
My first mouthpiece

This is my first bcl mouthpiece and it’s playing great.

Thomas Ascher

Haven't used it. Keeping so I don't order it again.

Beckett Whitworth


Paul Chaitkin

Coming from a Selmer C *, I had to go down a strength of reed to make it work, but that did the trick. Quite happy now, thanks.

Maria Ortiz-Laboy

This mouthpiece is amazing!!! Thank you, Mike!!!