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"Step Away From The G" Exercise

"Step Away From The G" Exercise

This exercise is like meditating. It relaxes your body, your throat, your airstream, your embouchure. Literally everything that causes problems in your playing gets a nice zen moment to just re-center.

So if you find yourself tensing up, your sound constricting, playing this exercise will recenter you. It’s actually pretty remarkable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Francesco Badaloni
Bass Clarinet Sound

Very good exercise.

Jim Morehouse
A useful exercise

I’ve incorporated this into my warmup. I use both long tones and shorter notes with various articulations, with a view towards tone and intonation.

Patricia Setser

If I hadn't been playing for 62 years I might say amazeballs. But for me I have done so many similar things over the years I wasn't thrilled. I would tell my young students about it and encourage them to use it. I liked the Brahms 3, 2nd Mvt for lyricism.

Lotte Maxild Mortensen

Great warm-up exercise

Bob Trachtenberg

I've been working on your exercise sheet of "Stepping away from the G". It's helping me a lot with voicing, especially as the intervals widen. Thanks, Mike.