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Royal Firebird Bass Clarinet Neck

Royal Firebird Bass Clarinet Neck

The Royal Firebird neck is a huge component in how the Royal Firebird Bass Clarinet responds. How do I know? On a whim, I tried the Firebird neck on a Royal Polaris and a Max bass clarinet, and I was surprised how much it makes them feel like you're playing a Firebird — nearly. (If you don't believe me, watch the video below!)

Of course, there are other differences between the Firebird and its less-costly siblings, but if you own a Polaris (or a new Max) you owe it to yourself to try the Firebird neck on your instrument. Plus I offer a 10-day trial, so what have you got to lose?

This neck comes with the Grenadilla resonator. It can be removed by disassembling the tuning slide and sliding it off. (Though I'm not sure why you would want to do that.)

Now, I'd bet many of you are wondering whether you could use this neck on your non-Royal bass clarinet, and the answer is, sadly, not likely. I've tried it on other basses, namely the Kessler, Buffet, Selmer and Uebel horns, and unfortunately it either doesn't fit, or the register key mechanism doesn't work on the instrument.

Some adjustment may be necessary to the register mechanism rod when you first put the neck on. See below for adjustment instructions. NOTE: I can't be responsible for broken keys, so be careful, and if you have any doubts about doing this to your instrument, please contact a repair technician. (They will likely not charge you anything to do this because it takes about 10 seconds.)

Trial & Return Policy:

I allow a 10-day trial (from date of arrival). If you love the neck, keep it—but if you don't, you can send it back in its original packaging, undamaged and unscratched for a full refund, minus a 3% restocking fee.

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Customer Reviews

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Dana G.

I've had the Max for almost a year and finally ordered the firebird neck. It made such a difference for me in focus, power, depth of sound, and ease of play. The sound quality between the 2 necks was a bit more difficult to discern- very subtle, but I was pleased with that too. Totally worth it as it helped create that overall feel I was looking for.
As far as the register key needing adjustment, I tried to do the deed and couldn't! So to close the gap without any risk involved, I wrapped the mechanism in electrical tape to make it thicker which closed the gap perfectly.
If you are not sure, go for it. I have no regrets.

Scott Almasy

This neck is amazing; it opens up the sound som the Max; the sound now sounds like a Polaris, only more open, in my opinion. If you're in the fence, buy it; you'll love it!

Nathan Huber

This neck will add resonance, color, projection and focus to your Royal Global, or in my case Amati bass clarinet. (I had the pip key modified so it fit my horn. This will not fit an Amati out of the box.) Solid investment!!