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The World's Best Acrylic Reed/Barrel Humidor

The World's Best Acrylic Reed/Barrel Humidor

This is a beautiful, effective Reed Humidor that will easily hold 40-60 reeds (depending on the size of the reed, of course!). Use this and your reeds will never warp again! Seriously.

It's also fantastic for storing clarinet barrels if you have a few

I tried the Boveda Humidors, and I loved them. So, I found out where Boveda had theirs made, contacted the factory, and had them make some for me. (With my logo, of course. Because, why not?)

(Plus, mine are almost $20 cheaper. For the Exact. Same. Thing.)

Anyway, this Humidor is no cheap piece of work. It's thick and heavy, with rubber feet to keep it in place. There is a magnetic closing system for a great seal to allow the Humidor to work very efficiently and the perforated acrylic shelf suspended above the floor of the humidor fits up to 2 large humidity packs underneath. (I recommend these ones for safe storage.)

(Now, some of you may say, "Hey, I only have a five reeds and I carry them with me in my case. I don't need something to store dozens of reeds!" And you know what? You're right! Move along, nothing to see here.)

However, this is great for:

  • Professionals who rotate their reeds, and need a humidity-conditioned place to store them.
  • Anyone who needs a place to store reeds before they use them. (Most manufacturers do not seal their reeds in individual pouches — Vandoren, we're looking at you!) so this will keep your reeds conditioned before you start playing/working on them.
  • Teachers who distribute reeds to students—put 75 clarinet and sax reeds in this thing and rest assured they will be in perfect playing condition when you give them out.
  • Anyone who has barrels they would like to keep from cracking while not in rotation.

Interior Dimensions: 7 7/8"w x 5 1/8"d x 1.5"h (above the tray)
Exterior Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.75" x 2.75"

Oh, and by the way, it doesn't come with those reeds in the picture. They're mine and you wouldn't want them anyway.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sean Krissman

This is a GREAT humidor. I've used a much bulkier humidor for over a decade (pictured behind), but I prefer the sleekness and ease of this one far more. I use these humidors to let my new reeds "marinate,– and this does the job perfectly. I can fit up to 120 brand new Bb reeds.

Excellent products all around, highly recommend all the things from Michael and Katherine!

Imelda O'Connor


Harry Drabkin

I've had the humidor now for several weeks - it's working just as advertised. With one large 49% pack, it stays around 50% humidity with only a few % variance. No reeds have warped, but it's not been long enough to say more. I was thinking of trying a slighter higher humidity pack to see if I could tell any difference, but what I've read is this is enough to stop warping. Also, no mold growth, which I was getting with another reed storage device (too much moisture). Overall, it's working just as Michael said it would. So far, I'm quite pleased but want more time to evaluate.

Michael DeZelar

This reed humidor is just beautiful and holds all my different reeds with ease.