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Marcus Bonna Double Case for Bass Clarinet (Low C) and Clarinet [earspasm edition]

Marcus Bonna Double Case for Bass Clarinet (Low C) and Clarinet [earspasm edition]

Cases in your favorite crayon colors!

I love this case. Why? Because in a sea of black instrument cases, my yellow bass clarinet case is like a beacon of joy. Plus I can find it quickly backstage. It's like a highlighter pen. (And hey, if a black case is your color preference, I've got that, too.)

Here's the back-story: Last year I reached out to André and Marcus Bonna in Brazil, and asked if they could custom make a case for me that would suspend the bass clarinet from the case on all sides.

Why? Because I don't want keys touching the case.
Why? Because I don't want the keys to go out of adjustment from the pressure and jostling that occurs when carrying the instrument around.
Why? Because I like saving money on repair costs.
Why? Because I like beer.

The result is this double case that holds a Low C Bass Clarinet and a Bb (or A, or Eb) clarinet and a couple extra barrels and an extra bass clarinet neck and my tablet and my Macbook and some sheet music. It's also modular, so if you want to NOT take your clarinet, you can configure the case differently. It's pretty cool.

I'm also delighted to report that these cases are proudly made using 100% Renewable energy.

If you're interested in a color combination that you do not see here, let me know and I can order something TOTALLY custom for you. (See below for color options.) I order cases every month, and the production time is about 75 days from the date of order.

Important Note: This case will not fit instruments that have the Low C key on the bottom joint (rather than the bell). This only affects certain Buffet bass clarinets from the early 1990s, but check your instrument to be sure!


  • 2 removable backpack straps
  • 2 zippered neck pouches
  • 1 mouthpiece pouch for bass clarinet (large)
  • 1 mouthpiece pouch for clarinet (small)
  • 1 misc pouch for whatever
  • 1 rain cover with pouch
  • 1 identification tag


  • Water-resistant Nylon / Top-grain Leather
  • Empty weight: 9.5 lbs / 4.3 kg
  • Height: 32 in / 81 cm
  • Width (across front): 11 in / 28 cm
  • Depth (top): 5 in / 13 cm
  • Depth (bottom): 6.5 in / 16.5 cm
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"All the views that's fit to print."

Want to roll your own color combo? No problem. Here are your options!

Note, you can combine colors in the following ways: The main body of the case can be one color, with the music pouch a separate color.

And, you can select the color of your piping separately as well! Just contact me with your selections and I’ll take it from there

someone got their school colors...

nylon swatches


Black - 1

Dark Brown - 2

Brown - 3

Camouflage - 4

Moss Green - 5

Dark Green - 6

Green - 7

Turquoise - 8

Blue - 9

Gray - 10

Beige - 11

Wine - 12

Red - 13

Yellow - 14

Pink - 15

Purple - 16

White - 17

Royal Blue - 18

Orange - 19

Gray Heather- 20

Green Heather - 21

Blue Heather - 22

leather swatches


Black - 1

Dark Brown - 2

Brown 2016 - 3

Light Brown - 4

Beige - 5

Wine - 6

Blue - 7

Red - 8

Cow Leather – Crocodile Design - 9

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Gyorgyi Koves
Absolutely incredible!

This case is amazing in every way and perfectly suits my needs. Thanks Mike and MB!

Philip Murphy

Honesty, quality, and an unsurpassable level of expertise. That's all anyone needs to know. Amazeballs indeed.

Caden McCollum

If this isn't one of the best cases out there, I don't know what is. I got mine near the start of the year, and immediately loved the modular storage. The Velcro surface on the back of the case as an extra useable surface is a great touch, as is the sheer abundance of (completely adjustable) compartment space to keep reeds, mouthpieces, and the like. The sheet music pouch has a ton of space to work with as well, and the handles / straps are padded with material that won't get uncomfortable to hold. And as the description says, my clarinets fit inside completely suspended from the padding! Long, bumpy walks, bus rides, and carpools to the performance hall on campus won't be a problem anymore.

Plus, I have to say, the Earspasm logo is a nice bonus. There are a bunch of viewers in my school's clarinet studio, and I'm sure they'll find it as awesome as I do!

Matthew Weger

Look no further; it's the best out there! As others have mentioned, this case is a major upgrade, especially when compared to the standard royal global cases. The benefit here is it stands vertically when set down, and stays flat when opening the case, not to mention the straps in any configuration are incredibly comfortable. What sets this apart is its versatility--it can hold my B-flat along with the Bass (and a gazillion accessories) print and digital music alike. The only downside so far is that the Boveda sticky tabs have lost their adhesiveness--nothing a little Velcro can't easily resolve, thanks to the case's modular design. Honestly, I can't recommend this case enough. It's a must-have for any musician on the move!

Heather O'Gara

I've had my case for a few months now, and it's been a serious upgrade from the standard case that came with the Buffet Prestige 1193. All parts feel very secure, there are tons of corners for accessories, the removable music pouch is clutch, and the backpack straps are comfortable. What I love about wearing it as a backpack, as opposed to the standard case, is that the center of gravity is balanced and the case doesn't go up above my head in an awkward way. I can stand/sit around with it for hours -- like, say, in Toronto Airport when all the flights get cancelled. Which brings me to the next great point: travel is easy, as advertised. I bought this case knowing I had upcoming air travel over several flights in different sized planes, and the case fit in the overhead compartment of all of them with no issues. I would definitely still recommend boarding the planes first (paying for economy+ if necessary), and simply not drawing attention to yourself as you go through all the checkpoints, but the most I needed to do to make the case fit was slide over someone's backpack, and all was well. I will absolutely buy this case again if I ever find myself the owner of two bass clarinets.