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Buffet Protege Pocket Clarinet

Buffet Protege Pocket Clarinet

Buffet has threaded the needle in the beginner clarinet world! The Pocket Clarinet is a beginner instrument intended for young people just starting out on the clarinet (to be clear, young people = 4-104 years old).

Ideally the instrument would be used in a lesson setting, much like Suzuki violin pedagogy, to teach the absolute fundamentals of clarinet playing: sound production and embochure, air support and basic fingering concepts, without the added complexity of keys. It’s like a recorder with a clarinet mouthpiece. (A Bb clarinet mouthpiece, ligature and reed is included in the package.)

Katherine and I both agree that this is a terrific tool to start beginners off on the right foot, with the right habits, right away.

Made from the same aged Grenadilla wood as Buffet’s professional clarinet, this Pocket Clarinet plays exactly 9 notes — no more, no less. It’s very easy to get a sound out of, and is very hard to make a mistake with. It’s just so intuitive.

Is it a clarinet for those past the beginning stages? No. It’s really for the first 12-18 months of study, after which you or your student can move up to an Eb clarinet or even a Bb clarinet if that’s appropriate for the student’s size.

I didn’t expect to love this clarinet — in fact I bought it as a bit of a joke — but I underestimated Buffet. This is a winner.

Comes with everything you see in the photos:

  • Mouthpiece, ligature and reed
  • Cork grease Swab
  • Fingering Chart
  • Pencil
  • Durable nylon soft case 
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Customer Reviews

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Brian Hinton

As a clarinetist and father of a 5 of year old, I was excited to see Michael's video on this new pocket clarinet. I think it's great that there's an option for young children to gain exposure to a wind instrument other than a recorder.

The instrument and accessories are exactly as described. The quality and sound of the instrument exceeded my expectations for the price point.

I do agree with the video that some of the tone holes and spacing may mean a younger player needs time to grow into it.

Extremely satisfied. Thank you Michael and Katherine!

The real shame about this instrument

It never occurred to me when ordering this very attractive and well-made instrument that it only plays 9 notes. That's right, you get a major scale with none of the intervening seme-tones; it's not fully chromatic within that scale. It's so limited that I would imagine that most keen young students would outgrow it very quickly, so much time and consideration was put into its development that I frankly do not understand why a way was not devised to make it fully chromatic ... I do realize the difficulties, being a recorder player, this instrument is reminiscent of a recorder with German fingering, but with even less possibilities, all though admittedly far better in tune within its limitations. It's very beautiful,, but sadly very limited.