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The World's Best Instrument/Key Polishing Cloth

The World's Best Instrument/Key Polishing Cloth

Some quick info:

  • You fingers have oils, sweat (or worse) on them.
  • Your fingers touch your keys. You leave that on your instrument when you're done playing.
  • That stuff eats into the plating of your keys.

Expensive solution? Do nothing and get your instrument re-plated.
Cheap solution? Buy one of these 16"x16" (40x40 cm) cloths and wipe that shiz down every day.

These cloths are 80-20 diamond microfiber. Why the diamonds? They have more "grab" to remove oils but without scratching the keys. You can feel it when you touch it, it actually grabs your fingerprints (weird feeling, actually) but is soft as heck.

If you have tarnish on your keys now, this won't remove it quickly, but our brand new pre-treated Silver Polishing cloths do. They work like a dream!

This cloth can be used on any metal surface (and is totally safe for wood, too).

And then, just watch as the compliments roll in about how awesome your instrument looks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Timothy Vander Ploeg

Very happy with the polishing cloth. It feels weird and grippy to the touch, but does a great job polishing and getting those prints off! :-)

Joseph Burgos

I love these cloths! I've probably purchased four or five over the years because they're so darn good. I keep one in each of my cases as well as in my backpack for use with my electronic devices. I highly recommend you keep a few of these around!

Atsuhiko Kawamura

Very high quality cloth, makes my clarinet shine!

Josh Wright

Larger than I thought it would be. Great quality and price.

Gregory Miles

A really high quality cloth for wiping down and polishing the silver keys of my clarinets. A quantum leap improvement over the Selmer cloth I received with the Bb many years ago. This one has the feel of being very durable.