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The World's Best Clarinet Swab

The World's Best Clarinet Swab

Clarinet swabs. You probably don't think about yours very much. It probably has the logo of your clarinet on it (if you can still read it through the funk that's accumulated on it). Maybe it's time for something better.

We created this fantastically soft, thick, absorbent swab with custom-made Korean microfiber (no kidding—they manufacture the best microfiber in the world). It is 5x8" (13cm x 20 cm), and ruggedly sewn to a thick, 3-foot (1m) lace tube, inside which is a 2" (5cm) stainless steel weight.

You will love this swab. I swear.

Note: This swab is identical to the Eb clarinet swab now. Both have thinner weights and cabling for through all bores.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Martin Marsic

Wonderful! My go-to swab! Another great product from Earspasm! Well-made and very absorbent. I absolutely love the bass clarinet swab.

Ben Snyder

I'm a student in high school currently playing bass for my band. I've been you the same crappy swab for the past 4 years and it is nasty and does a poor job of cleaning. This swab truly deserves being called the world's best bass clarinet swab. It takes just a few second to clean more horn and it becomes completely dry. I am a player who will play for hours on end and this is a savior for me and my instrument. If you're looking for a swab, this is the one. Thank you!!!

Linda Webber

Just get this. You can always use a backup too!

Michael Cappellone

Great swab!

Michael Scott

The best swab on the market. It's so absorbent. Nothing else like it out there.