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Selmer Privilege Low C Bass Clarinet

Selmer Privilege Low C Bass Clarinet

These are Selmer Privilege Bass Clarinets to Low C, otherwise known as the Model 67. This is the model I personally played on for 20 years, and it is fantastic. It plays with an open, free sound that is flexible and full of color. Which means it's not everyone's cup of tea; many people who grew up playing Buffet bass clarinets often find Selmers weird at first, because the keys feel different (ergonomically) and the instrument is much freer-blowing than every other bass clarinet available.

Anyway, like every instrument I sell, it gets totally set up and adjusted before you get it. I send the horn to my tech upstate (NY), where he takes the whole thing apart and looks for issues in the wood (see what he finds here). Then I ask him to reduce most spring tensions, because these instruments show up sprung way too tight. (Note: instrument manufacturers ship horns with tight springs to help the instrument pads seal, but they are much harder to play because your fingers have to press down those sprung keys!) But when the spring tensions are reduced, the instrument doesn't seal as well, so when he reassembles it, many pads need to be reseated, and keys adjusted. Finally, he evens out the scale by adjusting pad heights, which improves intonation, response and overall sound. It's a lot of work, but the process is TOTALLY worth it, because each instrument sounds perfect, and the bass clarinet key action feels like a Bb. Seriously.

The total cost of the "earspasm setup" (for want of a better term) and tweaking of this instrument is included in the price—even though I pay out of pocket for it. Yes, it reduces my profit. Yes, people have told me I should charge a premium for doing it.

But I don't like the idea charging more for something that should come standard. So I won't.

All earspasm instruments come with a 7-day trial. Please read my trial policy before pulling out that credit card.

The instrument comes with:
  • Standard Selmer case with hideaway backpack straps
  • Neck strap, shoulder strap (for case), cork grease, warranty card


Q: What if I'm in New York and want to try it in person?
A: Contact me to set up an appointment, and let's do it!

Q: Does the instrument come with a warranty?
A: Yes, it comes with the standard Selmer warranty against cracks, etc. If you ever have any problem with the instrument, I'm your quarterback. I'll take care of the whole process, just let me know you need help, and I'll take it from there.

Q: What happens if it's damaged during shipping?
A: Inspect the package before you sign off at delivery! If there are any issues resulting from shipping, we have taken out an insurance policy to cover damage (and loss). But we need you to document this damage or we can't do anything to help.

Q: If I decide to return it, do also I have to pay return shipping costs?
A: Yes. And you will also want to insure it!

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. You can add your shipping address when checking out to see what the shipping costs will be before taking the plunge. Note that VAT and Customs Duties are not included in this cost.

Q: Can I at least hear it first??
A: But of course! See below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Justin Jones

I am very glad that I chose to purchase my Selmer from Michael! He made the order process very easy and kept me updated every step of the way. The instrument arrived in excellent condition. I would highly recommend purchasing clarinets from Michael. The "earspasm set up,– makes the instrument play very evenly throughout. This has truly been the most excellent service I have received in purchasing and instrument. Thank you Michael!

Scott Robbins

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a Selmer Privilege Low C bass clarinet from Michael. The instrument was for my son, and I couldn't be more thrilled with my decision. Michael's expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional instruments truly shines through in every aspect of this purchase. It is a difficult thing to buy an instrument online, without seeing it and playing it. Michael made the decision easy and we have not regretted it at all.

First and foremost, the bass clarinet itself is beautiful. That much would be true if we had made the purchase elsewhere, What truly sets Michael apart is his dedication to providing the utmost quality and satisfaction to his customers. Throughout the purchase process, he was incredibly helpful and responsive to email, addressing all my questions and concerns immediately. Michael's passion for the bass clarinet and his customers is evident, and he went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with the instrument. Moreover, the support and guidance I received after the purchase have been outstanding. There was some minor bending of a key stack in shipment. Michael immediately sprung into action and helped us get the instrument in tip-top shape. I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing your bass clarinet from Michael. Thank you, Michael, for your assistance and patience. We will be back!

Melissa McCoy

Best service, best instrument, best sense of humor, LOL! I love My Precious! Worth. Every. Penny. Plays like a dream. Makes me sound much better than I am, that's for sure.

Dan Prorok

I really don't know why anyone would buy this bass clarinet from anyone other than Michael. His consultation and post-sales support are exceptional. He is more consultant than salesman, arranging the right matches between instruments and clients. The instrument itself far exceeds my abilities. Truth to branding, it is indeed a "privilege" and joy to play. I purchased mine as one of the rare "open box" ones at a discount Michael occasionally has and, if he hadn't disclosed it was a demo, I would not have known the difference because aesthetically and functionally, it was new in every perceivable way. If you have an opportunity to buy it as a demo, I would tell you to have no second-thoughts and just do it. I used the discount to buy a Blashaus neck, which is also recommended! My only regret is that I don't have as much time at this stage of my life to practice as I did in my youth!

Dave R.

I am returning to music after a long absence, putting down my horns for a few decades for a different career. Returning during the pandemic, I chose the bass clarinet as my primary instrument. After a FaceTime meeting I decided to travel from CA to Brooklyn for Michael to help me choose my instrument. I am still building my skills up, and Michael gave patient guidance and helped me find a horn that I could grow into. The result has been a fulfilling partnership, with follow-up help and guidance available, just what I'd hoped from a "boutique dealer" experience. Five stars!