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Marcus Bonna Ultra-Compact Bb Clarinet Case [earspasm edition]

Marcus Bonna Ultra-Compact Bb Clarinet Case [earspasm edition]

This brand new Ultra-Compact Bb Clarinet Case is the smallest clarinet case I've ever seen—and the lightest. It measures a svelte 12" (305mm) tall by 7" (178mm) wide, by 3" (76mm) deep at the thickest point, and weighs 1.6 pounds (750g).

For context, the Macbook Air weighs more than twice the weight of this case. And its small size means you can stick it in just about any bag you're carrying already. It easily fits into a tiny backpack or purse or tote.

But how well does it protect the clarinet?

It's got Marcus Bonna's special high-density foam that suspends the clarinet in air, keeping the keys from being jostled, and in adjustment. The case itself has a hard shell underneath the easy-to-clean nylon (or leather) cover, so it protects the instrument from shock, while looking awesome for years to come. And inside it has a velvet interior with moveable foam blocks to customize it to your clarinet.

You can carry up to two barrels, a mouthpiece, a swab and a few reeds inside as well. Anything more than that, and well, you'll need to put those in a separate pouch in your bag. This case is perfect for doublers, students with a ton of other junk in their backpack or tote, or anyone who doesn't want a huge case to shlep around.


Q: Will it protect my clarinet as well as my current case?
A: Absolutely. In fact, it likely will protect it better than your current case!

Q: Does it hold an A clarinet?
A: Nope. Too small.

Q: Will it fit in the front pouch of a bass clarinet case?
A: Yes, for some cases it will. For example you could probably fit TWO of these in a BAM trekking case.

Q: Will it fit in an overhead on a plane?
A: What, are you kidding me? It’ll fit in the seat-back pocket!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Martin Marsic

Great little case! I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase! It has just enough room for my clarinet and Earspasm swab and will easily fit into my backpack. Now I can take my clarinet along on my business trips. Thanks for the great Earspasm service Michael and Catherine!

Suzanne Bell

OUT-standing! This (tiny! but mighty!) case is the absolute Bomb (which is a good thing). It's so small and so light, yet you can tell it would stand up to being dropped or other atrocities... and your clarinet would never feel a thing. I'm SO glad I bought this!! (And, side benefit, I'm the envy of the other clarinetists in my community band. Trust me, I'm pointing them at Earspasm!!). Great products, great service. Couldn't ask for more! :)

Cameron Nix

Wow what a case! I'm currently a freshman at university so I was looking for a case that could easily fit in my bag but still protect my instrument -- and this fits both those needs perfectly. It is incredibly well constructed, and fits the instrument very snugly. Not much room for accessories, but that's as advertised, just stick it in a bag and you'll have all the room you need!

Chuck Currie

GREAT little case! My first colour choice, the Teal, was gone....but my close second choice "Yaller" was still available. Great construction, incredibly compact, and always the great Earspasm service and humour! Very interested in which colours end up being popular for Mikey to keep in stock! Chuck Currie, Vancouver, BC

Harry Hassell

I love the case! I am a doubler and almost always carry multiple instruments in one bag, so compactness has always been the name of the game. The Bonna case is super small but I can tell the horn is secure and well-protected.

For years I, and many of my friends in NY, have been using the Yamaha pochette cases that come with some of their horns. I even bought a Yamaha clarinet as a backup just to get one of those cases :). I still love that case, but I also love the Marcus Bonna.

It takes a minute to get used to settling the horn in there, but it is snug and comfy once you figure it out (I'm not sure how Mike got the case to close with a barrel upright at the end of the center compartment like in his picture, but I can fit two barrels in there with the mouthpiece if I lay them down).

The Bonna case light, thin (the cover/padding on the outside of Bonna case makes it look a bit thicker than the Yamaha in my pictures, but it does compress, so I'm not sure it's ultimately that different), and the clear winner when it comes to length (the handle on the end doesn't add any length). I also prefer the security of the zipper on the Bonna case to the latches on my other case. See pictures for comparison.