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Vandoren VK1 Trial Kits

Vandoren VK1 Trial Kits

Try before you decide.

The new Vandoren VK1 synthetic reeds are a game-changer. But with strength system, I wanted to provide a service that enables you to try-before-you-buy, so you can select the strengths that fit your needs. Or, if you decide they aren't for you, you don't have to commit hundreds of dollars to the process. It's worry-free reed shopping!

That's what this Trial Kit is for.

For those who have never tried VK1s, you'll probably want to get the full trial kit which comes with 6 reeds — one in each strength — and then try them for 7 days (which should be more than enough time to determine which strength is for you). Anything you like, you keep. Anything you don't, you send back to me with the postage-paid label. I only charge for the reeds you keep, and refund the rest (minus shipping, because...of course).

If you know what strength you like, you can now get three of just that strength! Now that VK1s have been out a while, some people have been asking to try a few of one strength, because they do vary from reed to reed. So, order one of those kits and again, try them for 7 days, and keep anything you like, and send the rest back with the label.

Now, what if you don't want to keep anything? Well, that's okay, too. I'll refund you the kit price minus a $25 trial fee + postage.

Important note: the reeds you return must be in brand-new condition, or I won't be able to refund those reeds. Which is to say, play nice, and we can take care of each other!

So, in a nutshell:

  • Order the trial kit
  • Try the reeds for 7 days
  • Keep the ones you like
  • Return the ones you don't like for a refund (minus shipping):
    • Return all of them, pay a $25 trial fee
    • Keep any of them, pay a $0 trial fee

Make sense? Cool. If not, just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to explain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get brand new reeds with my trial pack?
A: You will likely receive a mix of new and previously-tried reeds

Q: Eww! That's gross. I don't want to try something that someone else has put in their mouth!
A: Fair point. But know this: every trial reed that is returned goes through a sterilization process to remove all kinds of cooties! Besides, do you think dentists use disposable tools? Nope, they sterilize them. While I can't use the same method they do (they use heat, which I can't), these reeds are just as sterile. Cross my heart.

Q: Ok, what's this sterilization process, then?
A: When trial reeds (and cases) are returned, they take a nice bath in Hypochlorous Acid, which is the same disinfectant used in child-care and pre-school institutions. Hypochlorous acid is highly active against all bacterial, viral, and fungal human pathogens and kills spore-forming and non-spore bacteria within seconds. So yeah, it's awesome. Then into a sealed pouch they go, ready for the next trial.

Q: What if I want to buy more of a certain strength?
A: No problem. Just head over to the VK1 product page and order to your heart's content.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Feel free to send me an email!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Brady Amerson

This is a wonderful service Mike’s providing to clarinetists - getting to try out the reeds before you commit to spending a lot of money on each one! I kept two, and the whole process couldn’t have been easier. Highly recommended for anyone thinking about getting these reeds!

Robert Pfeifer

Mike provides a great service on trying the new Vandoren synthetic reeds. Ordering was quick and easy, shipping was fast, and there were ZERO problems on getting credit back for the reeds I returned. If you want an easy, inexpensive way to try all the different strengths, THIS is the guy to go to. Thanks, Mike!!

Harry Hassell

While playing on plastic reeds is a personal choice (I am yet to be totally sold on the idea, but I do keep a few around as backups), there is no doubt that these trial kits are the perfect way to see if these reeds might be right for you. My experience has been that plastic reeds behave very differently on different setups (mouthpiece, ligature, etc), so having a few in the comfort of your own home to fool around with is the only way to know what works. Michael comes at his shop from a player's perspective, and having the different strengths/different reeds to compare side by side is incredibly useful.

Wayne Boettner

Ability to try multiple VK1 reed strengths before buying and choose only what I wanted.
Reasonable return postage charge.
Successful negotiation to keep reed case and return unwanted reeds.

Marianne Gythfeldt

I am so glad Mike introduced me to the new Vandoren synthetic Bb reeds.

Although I have been using Legere reeds for the bass clarinet for many years, the Bb legeres never worked for me.

But the new Vandoren synthetics feel and sound like cane reeds to me!