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Vandoren VK1 Synthetic Clarinet Reed

Vandoren VK1 Synthetic Clarinet Reed

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Vandoren did it! The VK1 is a marvel of engineering: seven years of development, a brand new mesh-like polymer, consistency across registers and volumes, precise articulation and a great..."mouth feel." (For those who have tried a few other brands of reed, you know what I mean by "mouth-feel")

It's the first synthetic reed that sounds great without needing the disclaimer, "...for a plastic reed."

Now for the challenge: what strength should you choose? Here are my starting suggestions:

If you play a Vandoren Traditional reed, here's my advice:

  • If you like a soft 3, try the VK1 35
  • If you like a 3, try the VK1 40
  • If you like a hard 3, try the VK1 45
  • If you like a 3.5, try the VK1 50
  • If you like a 3.5+ try the VK1 55
  • If you like a hard 3.5, try the VK1 60

This rough guideline above is from my own experimentation with the VK1, and your mileage, of course, may vary. Another thing to consider is that, just because the reed is synthetic, doesn't mean that it's free from variation! Two VK1 45s will feel different. Not as different as two Traditional 3s, but different. I recommend you purchase two or three—you will need to rotate them anyway, since most synthetic reeds get "tired" after a couple hours of consistent use.

Finally, these reeds are not returnable. If you're not sure which strength to get, check out my worry-free trial packs here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
April Pickrell

Getting the kit is the way to go! You can try them all! Thank you!

Barbara Holmes

Earspasm delivered the product as advertised and promised. I will use this business again although I am disappointed with the Van Doren synthetic reed.

Michael Galan

Has anyone tried softening a synthetic reed by placing the tip in boiling

water ?

Charles Califf

I really like the reed. It's a 45 and it is very consistent. It does take a few hours to break in, though.

Paul Schaleger

I primarily play bass clarinet and double occasionally on Bb for non-classical sorts of things. The VK-1 enables me to have a a quick way to pick up the soprano without having to worry about breaking in a cane reed. It is not quite the same sound as I get from cane, but it is much better than other plastic reeds. I like the "big" sound that I get with the 45 strength, kind of like my bass. In short, it meets my requirements.

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