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Uebel Superior Plateau Bb Clarinet - Grenadilla

Uebel Superior Plateau Bb Clarinet - Grenadilla

The Uebel Superior Plateau clarinet is a rare animal: it's a Bb clarinet with closed keys. Why closed keys? Why not?

Never considered a closed-hole clarinet? You're not alone—about 99.98% of clarinet players play "regular" open-hole clarinets, but think about it this way: if you have 1) little or skinny fingers, 2) an ailment that makes it difficult to feel whether your fingers are covering the holes (like peripheral neuropathy), 3) are a sax player that doesn't want to have to deal with covering open holes with your fingers, or 4) a bass clarinet player who is like the sax player in #3...well, this instrument makes it 1,000,000% easier to play the clarinet (and in some cases it's the ONLY way someone can play it!)

But it's not for everybody. So, if you'd like to order it to see if it's for you, all earspasm instruments come with a 7-day trial. Please read my trial policy before pulling out that credit card. Or, you can stop by the studio and try it yourself!

Now, gold posts vs silver posts? Gold is a softer metal on the MOHS scale. Some players feel this mellows the tone of the instrument somewhat.

Resistance: 8/10, Medium-Heavy

The Plateau clarinet, due to its design, feels quite resistant, but never stuffy. It's got a beautiful sound—and in that, it stands alone in the world of Plateau clarinets (let's be honest though: the Plateau world is pretty small, and full of instruments that are 50+ years old).

In general, more resistance in a clarinet design usually keeps the louder dynamic ranges from spreading; the clarinet "holds its core" and focus, but will provide a smaller dynamic range (on both ends, loud and soft) and smaller color palette. A less resistant clarinet typically provides a much wider tonal palette to choose from, but will require more control from the player to control pitch and sound consistency.

When listening for how a clarinet responds to added air pressure and embouchure control, listen to the Weber example (wide dynamic range and color range), then the Berlioz excerpt (wide dynamic range, but narrow color range), and finally the Gershwin excerpt (narrow dynamic range and narrow color range). You will hear how these clarinets respond — for better or worse! — to my input as a clarinet player.

This instrument comes with

  • Pochette-style clarinet case and custom leather cover
  • Swab, shoulder strap (for case), cork grease, etc.

All earspasm instruments come with a 7-day trial. Please read my trial policy before pulling out that credit card.


Q: What if I'm in New York and want to try it in person?
A: Contact me to set up an appointment, and let's do it!

Q: Does the instrument come with a warranty?
A: Yes, it comes with the standard Uebel 5-year warranty against cracks, and 2 years for mechanical issues. If you ever have any problem with the instrument, I'm your quarterback. I'll take care of the whole process, just let me know you need help, and I'll take it from there.

Q: What happens if it's damaged during shipping?
A: Inspect the package before you sign off at delivery! If there are any issues resulting from shipping, we have taken out an insurance policy to cover damage (and loss). But we need you to document this damage or we can't do anything to help. Please read my trial policy for how to handle this issue, should it arise.

Q: If I decide to return it, do have to pay return shipping costs?
A: Not if you live in the Continental US! Because I want you to find the right instrument for you, and doing so online is harder than doing so in-person, I will cover the return shipping. Please  read my trial policy for trial and return rules.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. You can add your shipping address when checking out to see what the shipping costs will be before taking the plunge. Note that VAT and Customs Duties are not included in this cost.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Naden

Any clarinetist that has not tried and Uebel clarinet is missing out. A Buffet user since I began playing clarinet in 1976 (and continuing to play sax), I have been through 4 sets of instruments, including R-13s, RC Prestiges and Festivals. However, due to hand issues, I reviewed and purchased an Uebel Superior Plateau clarinet from Michael Lowenstern. While there is no doubt that Buffet makes fantastic clarinets, this Uebel is just plain fantastic, and IMO the best instrument that I have purchased--plateau or regular clarinet. I am so impressed with both the musical qualities of this clarinet, and overall build quality that I say without reservation that my next instrument(s) will be Uebel. But...I must not forget to say thank you to Michael Lowenstein and Earspasm Music. He has been very gracious in answering questions, and has provided service second to none. I recommend him to any clarinetist looking to purchase a new clarinet--be it Uebel or another make.

steve dingle

From first time I reached out to Michael about acquiring the plateau clarinet, he has been exceptional in all aspects! He was VERY interested in what I was trying to accomplish with the instrument, and has been very supportive and helpful in linking earspasm, Uebel, and myself together allow me to finish the project with confidence that I could return the instrument to "factory fresh" when my time playing this instrument was done (which I hope is not for some time!). His evaluation of the instrument was spot on. and his after purchase support has been fantastic. As far as this instrument is concerned, I couldn't be happier. I had originally dismissed the idea of one of the plateau clarinets made by LeBlanc in the 60s, as all agreed that they were stuffy, and I would not be happy playing them. Well, after listening to Michael play the instrument, I felt very comfortable moving ahead. And yes, that is me in the video!

I want to make a couple of points here for those who don't watch the video. The keywork is exceptional, well-machined, and VERY sturdy. This is thoroughly a professional instrument. The instrument, in my hands, has very good intonation across the range...better than the Buffet I played 30 years ago before my injury. There is no appreciable stuffiness....the stuffiness you hear in the throat tones in the video is me....I am still learning voicing for this instrument, and the stuffiness evaporates with an open throat/soft palate.

For those that need a is the answer: Yes you can find a Leblanc/Noblet plateau on Ebay for $1000, but you likely won't be happy in the long run. You will be happy here.