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Ten Children Vol 1 + 2 - Sheet Music

Ten Children Vol 1 + 2 - Sheet Music

Finally! Twenty years in the making, I'm happy to present the updated Ten Children, Volume 1 and the all-new Ten Children, Volume 2 together in one heavy-duty spiral bound book. This 68-page book contains Ten Children No. 1 through No. 20, plus Sha and Better. This book has a thick satin-cover and heavy-duty satin page stock for durability and excellent legibility.

But of course, you can't play these without the background tracks so each purchase of the book comes with these tracks in several formats:

  • Audio-only (so you can load them onto your phone to perform with)

  • Video+Audio (so you can read the music from your tablet synchronized to the audio track)

  • Score Reader software for Mac (which will display the sheet music simultaneously on your computer and tablet, synchronized to the track)

The Score Reader software is a huge advance in playing Electro-acoustic music (otherwise known as "playing to track"), enabling you to listen to a synchronized metronome (and/or watch the metronome visually), slow down the music to as little as half-tempo, control the computer directly with your tablet (iPad or Android — both work well), and much more. If you'd like to check out the Score Reader software before you decide to purchase this compilation, it is a free download (and comes with Ten Children No. 1), available here.


AUDIO: Device capable of playing back audio (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, computer). Wired or wireless (e.g., Bluetooth) speakers.

VIDEO+AUDIO: Device capable of loading and playing back video and audio (e.g., tablet or computer). (Free) software download of VLC Player for iOS, Android, Mac or PC. Wired or wireless (e.g., Bluetooth) speakers.

SCORE READER: Mac computer running OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher. Minimum screen resolution of 1280x800. WiFi network for remote pairing (can be an ad-hoc network). Wired or wireless (e.g., Bluetooth) speakers.


Q: What pieces are in the book?
A: Ten Children No 1 - 20, Sha and Better.

Q: How difficult are these pieces?
A: Some are quite simple, and can be played by a beginner (Ten Children No. 10 is a favorite for beginners), while some are very, very hard (I personally think the most difficult is Ten Children No. 12). On average, these are college-level and beyond.

Q: Can I download these pieces without buying the book?
A: At the moment, no. Only a few of these pieces are available "√° la carte": Ten Children 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10. You can find these and other works of mine in the Digital Sheet Music section of the shop. I will begin releasing these works individually starting in October or November as time allows!

Q: If I am not tech-savvy, will I be able to do this myself?
A: Absolutely, yes. These easy-to-follow instructions make it a snap to get started (and be successful!) And if you have any further doubts, just search "Ten Children" on YouTube to see how many of your clarinet colleagues have successfully performed these works in the past!

Q: Do I need special equipment to play these pieces?
A: All that you need you likely already own with the possible exception of a powered speaker system to plug into your computer (or connect via Bluetooth). I recommend getting a speaker that is able to compete with the volume of your bass clarinet, so small personal speakers may not be loud enough. There are many high-quality speakers on the market that are under $200-300, that will provide a good balance of sound-quality and portability. Contact me if you'd like a recommendation!

Q: Can I hear these pieces anywhere?
A: Yes! Check Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or wherever you stream your music!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David G.

These are terrific pieces, challenging in all the right ways. Great additions to the repertoire, cool additions for a recital program or concert. The app is super easy to use and you can practice under tempo and ultimately perform these pieces they way they were conceived. You also get to play with the composer as he plays all the other parts on the recording. Awesome work, exceptionally well done. Bravo to Michael and his 20 children!

Stephan V.

Today I found my copy of 10 Children Volumes 1 and 2 in the mailbox. I had Volume 1 already for several years, but believe me: the next 10 are again great fun and a pleasure for performer and for any type of public. The software is very helpful. Big compliments Mike for adding once more to the repertoire. Big Hug.