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Heavy Duty Reed Storage Bags

Heavy Duty Reed Storage Bags

Reeds need to chill out in a humidity-controlled environment when they're not in use. Sure, you can keep them in Ziploc® bags, but those are. typically 2-mil thick, which means that they will puncture quickly...which means that they are no longer protecting your reeds from drying out and warping. Freezer bags are 3 or 4 mil, so those are better.

These bags are 8-mil, and can easily withstand the most aggressive handling without puncturing. You can even thrown them at the wall while shouting "@)#(% my #*+%$ reeds!" and they'll withstand the experience.

But you won't want to.

Why? Because, along with a 62%, 72% or 84% humidity pack, these will keep your reeds in ready-to-play condition, even if you keep them in the plastic reed house they came in. (Literally, that's what I do. I've used these for years just like I'm describing.)

Plus, they have attitude. Because, you know, why not? (But if you prefer your bags without any attitude, select "no sticker" when ordering.)

Try them, you'll see. They're awesome.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marianne Gythfeldt
great reed bag

I love my new reed bag- it’s solid and compact and I only put “reeds that do t suck” in there!

Michael Galan

Good Stuff !

Victoria Stanish

The bags are great and seal well.

Paul Donnenfield

I bought 2 of these heavy duty bags, one for bari, the other for tenor sax reeds, use one of those humidifier packs in each. Replaced the fancy reed holders I was using. I keep each reed in one of those plastic slide holders they come in in the box to max protection in the bag.
Works real well, narrower space impact. is convenient to devote one bag to each instrument type. Great and effective way to go. And, the bag with a humidifier pack has eliminated reed warping. Will buy two more for clarinet and alto sax reeds.

Jacob Bricker

These bags are perfect! They are super high quality and you can tell that they will NOT break. They're great!