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Vandoren V12 Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Vandoren V12 Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Note: These are priced per reed. One of 'em. (Not a box. Though you're welcome to buy 10 of them, and I may just throw in the box for free)

The V12 reeds are fantastic. One of the first "line extensions" of the Vandoren product line back in the 90s, they have a thicker tip and longer pallet that results in a richer sound. They typically are about 1/2-strength harder than the traditional cut (the "blue box") so take that into consideration.

These reeds are ideal for advanced clarinet players. It is designed for the advanced clarinetist, and recommended for long-facing mouthpieces such as the 5RV-Lyre and B45.

Feel free to buy single reeds—I don't charge a premium for breaking up a box, so you can just buy a few, or mix and match. Seriously no one else does this.

For those doing math, I price these reeds as one-tenth of a normal box of 10 reeds. But you don't need to buy a box to get this discount!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leonard Guralnick
What's not to like?

The ability to buy less than a box of reeds saves a lot of wasted reeds. I like that,

Jeanine York Garesche

Being able to order reeds in SINGLES is a very helpful service!

SS Bell
Love this company!!

I only started playing the clarinet 7 years ago, so I definitely still feel like a beginner (probably always will! Ha) … and like I need to keep exploring and experimenting in terms of reeds. Earspasm’s unique practice of “selling reeds by the each” is PERFECT for me and very, very much appreciated. :)