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Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Reeds - Singles

Note: These are priced per reed. One of 'em. (Not a box. Though you're welcome to buy 10 of them, and I may just throw in the box for free)

The one and only. The first. The Blue Box. The Vandoren Traditional clarinet reed is one of the most popular reeds in the professional and educational world.

Feel free to buy single reeds—I don't charge a premium for breaking up a box, so you can just buy a few, or mix and match. Seriously no one else does this.

For those doing math, I price these reeds as one-tenth of a normal box of 10 reeds. But you don't need to buy a box to get this discount!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Peter Mckitrick

The reeds are amazing

Daniel Sanchez

Hi Michael,

I had meant to write you about a defective reed I received in my order but I went ahead and contacted Vandoren directly and got it taken care of.

Thank you,


Kevin Strauss

Love being able to buy reeds "onesie-twosie–‚Ķ.

May be the best cane reeds I've purchased, and very easy to fine tune with my Reed Geek.

Brian Fanning

Good solid performing reeds, I find a good percentage playable, which is not true of all brands.

Janette Gatica

I got them all and they were good