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Vandoren B45 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Vandoren B45 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

The Vandoren B45 mouthpiece is one of the best entry-level bass clarinet mouthpieces on the market. It is a terrific mouthpiece for all, but I highly recommend it to beginner/intermediate players because it has a slightly smaller tip-opening (1.93mm vs 2.05mm) than its big brother, the B50 (and its fraternal twin sister, the B40). It has a medium-long facing, which provides a nice balance of control-to-volume ratio. (In other words, you will sacrifice a bit of maximum volume, in exchange for an instrument that is easier to control). The tone is focused and will provide a great ensemble playing experience.

If you're looking for the same mouthpiece, but with thicker tip rails, check out the B40. What does a thicker tip rail do? Your sound will be a bit more compact and centered and possibly darker. You can see a side-by-side comparison of the two mouthpieces below.

Now, many folks allow for trials of mouthpieces. I don't. Why? (Is it because I'm a jerk? No.) Vandoren's manufacturing and hand-finishing process is so well-oiled, so consistent, that every B45 is essentially the same.

That said, if you'd like to return it, I can accept it and sell it as used, however there is a $50 restocking fee to cover the reduction in value of the mouthpiece.

You simply cannot go wrong with Vandoren, and it's a great value.

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Customer Reviews

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David S Naden
Great Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces: Vandoren B45 and BD 5

Vandoren has been making clarinet mouthpieces for many years, and they have been used by clarinetists of all levels for decades. The 5RV/2RV was the first mouthpiece that I used when I began clarinet 50 years ago. They have always been a good mouthpiece, and relatively consistent, and have always been a good value when compared to custom mouthpiece. The B45 and BD 5 bass clarinet mouthpiece are no exception. These mouthpieces are both great mouthpieces tor bass clarinet, and although different, provide bass clarinetist's with a good sound and flexibility. Using a Rovner Mk. III ligaature and Legere reeds, both mouthpieces produce a warm, dark, full and robust sound--from the low C (or Eb) all the way into the altissimo register. While the B45 is a bit more free blowing and the BD5 a bit more resistant, both respond well. While either of these mouthpieces may not be to everyone's taste, Vandoren does have many models to select from, and as the overall quality is excellent, you will not be disappointed by the mouthpiece that you select.

Sandra Dahl

Just the box alone, is gorgeous. The manufacturing looks very precise. Played very smoothly right away Using on a Yamaha 221 student level bass (can't afford anything else!) with Michael's recommendation of a Vandoren V12 2.5 reed, with a Vandoren Optimum ligature. Excellent order fulfillment from earspasm.

Ahmad Bahadori

Good mouthpiece