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Rumberger WP-1X Mouthpiece Pickup Mic

Rumberger WP-1X Mouthpiece Pickup Mic

Drill a hole in my mouthpiece?! Are you #$*+@ NUTS?

If you've got a priceless Kaspar Cicero mouthpiece, and you can't play on anything else, you're right. Move along; nothing to see here. However, for you, there's always this pickup.

But for everyone else, suspend disbelief and read on:

Rumberger is a German company that manufactures high-end pickups for hard-to-amplify instruments, especially woodwinds. And their pickups are some of the very best in the industry. Here's how they work: instead of amplifying sound waves in the air, like regular microphones do, they amplify the vibration of the instrument itself, which means two things: 1) the instrument can be amplified a ton without speaker-microphone feedback, and 2) no sound other than the sound of your instrument can get picked up by the mic.

So, imagine this: you're playing outdoors and want to be heard over the ambient noise, you can plug into a portable speaker* (*that supplies 48-volt phantom power, more on that in a moment), and you've got a great-sounding live-performance system. Or, if you play in a loud band, and want to be heard over the drums, singer, electric guitar—whatever—you can turn yourself up to 11 and blow them all away. Or, another use-case: you want to do live-looping, and you don't want the sound that's coming out of the speakers to blend in with the loop you're currently recording, this is the ticket.

Here's one use-case that it doesn't fill: if you're recording yourself and want to sound like it's being picked up by an $11,000 Telefunken, this ain't your mic. It definitely colors the sound a bit; you can record with it, but I'd recommend using a little EQ, and effects. In fact, this thing is built for effects.

Now, that note on 48-volt phantom power. This is what all condenser microphones require, so if you have a system where you've used one of those, you're all set. Every audio interface and mixer on the market, along with many personal amplifier speakers have phantom power.

Now, I can sell you just the pickup, and you can have it installed by your tech (installation instructions are included and are also online). Or, I can install it for you, either in a mouthpiece you send me, or one I sell. Installed correctly, it seals perfectly, and the mouthpiece feels like it did before...just with a little plug sticking out of the back. Cross my heart.

If you want me to install it in a mouthpiece I sell, just select "Install in the mouthpiece I'm purchasing," and then add a mouthpiece to the order. If you've got a mouthpiece you'd like me to stick this thing in, select that option, and I'll be in touch!


Q: Does it change the sound of the mouthpiece?
A: No, not in the slightest.

Q: Can I remove it if I don’t like it?
A: No. It’s installed permanently

Q: Can I buy a mouthpiece from you and return it if I don’t like it?
A: Sadly, no. These are not returnable, but you can have a listen/look at the review I did of the mic in the video below.

Q: Can I install this in a different mouthpiece from the one it’s originally installed in?
A: Yes. With an adapter I sell, I can install it in a second mouthpiece. However, the first mouthpiece will not work…because it’s now got a hole in it.

Q: Can I send you any mouthpiece to install this?
A: Probably. Email me before you purchase this, and we can discuss.

Q: Can I use this with my ligature?
A: It depends. It works with the Vandoren M|O ligatures, and the Vandoren Leather ligatures (see pictures below), but not with the Vandoren Optimum, or Bonade, or many other ligatures. If you want me to evaluate whether your ligature will work with this setup, email me.

Q: What kind of plug does it have?
A: The pickup comes with a proprietary cable that ends in a balanced XLR. You can see the picture below of the cable. And if if ever breaks, I carry extras. Just let me know and I can hook you up.

Q: I have a question that’s not listed here. Can you answer it?
A: Totally. Again, just email me.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dillan Francis

Great pickup for live sets. It's nice to not worry about the sound bleed of a mic.

Norbert Herber
It just works!

My performance situation made a clip-on mic untenable. Feedback was a challenge of course, but more importantly, the signal wasn't sufficient when put in a chain with pedals and/or Ableton (Max for Live). The Rumberger made all of those issues non-issues! As Michael notes in his video, this is a mic for live performance; not recording. And you will likely want to do some light EQ work to get the best results. But for clarinet (bass in my case) + effects it is a brilliant piece of equipment that helps extend your playing into the world of electronics and amplification.

Margaret Cousin

Install looks great and the pickup does exactly what it's supposed to. This is going to make it possible to play bass clarinet in a loud venue or even as part of a live electronic set. Thanks Mike for opening up so many new possibilities!