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Reed plaque (white) with finishing cloth set

Reed plaque (white) with finishing cloth set

A good, inexpensive reed plaque is hard to find. Especially one that is unbreakable, non-toxic, food grade, HDPE polyethylene. (And if you wanted to cut really small vegetables on this with a really, really, small knife, you could do that, because this is the same material they make cutting boards from.)

In addition, we've got a starter set of 3M micro-fine non-woven reed sanding + polishing cloth. The coarsest of the sheets is 600 grit (30 micron), and it goes all the way down to 14,000 grit (1 micron). Why so fine? Well, I've found that once you've got a great reed, polishing it will keep it in top condition longer! If your reed is feeling a bit meh, polishing it may bring it back to life.

Here's what you get:

  • One food-grade plaque: 4" long x 1" wide x 1/4" thick (10 cm x 2.5 cm x .6 cm)
  • Six pieces of non-woven polishing cloth, about 4"x4" (10cm x 10cm), one each in 30-, 15-, 9-, 6-, 3-, 2-, and 1-micron. You can fold each cloth into quarters, or cut them into smaller pieces. (I tend to fold them.)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Frank Doblekar

Perfect, I am spreading the news of your reed products along with the youtube video you did on reed adjustment.

Brian Fanning

I wish I'd ordered this years earlier. Paid for itself immediately turning a pile of meh reeds 90% into winners.

Vincent Trofimoff

This Reed plaque with polishing cloth kit is super useful. Working on reeds is a hassle and this makes it much easier. Really glad I found this product!

Frank Doblekar

Yeah, I already am using the Boston Sax Shop Reeds (saxophone), and sometimes they need some Tender Loving Care.

With the information in your YouTube video lesson, Michael, on how you work on reeds, I am getting every reed working well .

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for the Music and Woodwind Artists. Peace

Chris guerra

Thank you, I got a lot out of this, and I have purchased a set of cleaning cloths and finally feel that I have more control over the reeds that are going in my mouth. It's a good system, and it works for me.