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Marcus Bonna Ultra-Compact Bb Clarinet Case [earspasm edition]

Marcus Bonna Ultra-Compact Bb Clarinet Case [earspasm edition]

This brand new Ultra-Compact Bb Clarinet Case is the smallest clarinet case I've ever seen—and the lightest. It measures a svelte 12" (305mm) tall by 7" (178mm) wide, by 3" (76mm) deep at the thickest point, and weighs 1.6 pounds (750g).

For context, the Macbook Air weighs more than twice the weight of this case. And its small size means you can stick it in just about any bag you're carrying already. It easily fits into a tiny backpack or purse or tote.

But how well does it protect the clarinet?

It's got Marcus Bonna's special high-density foam that suspends the clarinet in air, keeping the keys from being jostled, and in adjustment. The case itself has a hard shell underneath the easy-to-clean nylon (or leather) cover, so it protects the instrument from shock, while looking awesome for years to come. And inside it has a velvet interior with moveable foam blocks to customize it to your clarinet.

You can carry up to two barrels, a mouthpiece, a swab and a few reeds inside as well. Anything more than that, and well, you'll need to put those in a separate pouch in your bag. This case is perfect for doublers, students with a ton of other junk in their backpack or tote, or anyone who doesn't want a huge case to shlep around.


Q: Will it protect my clarinet as well as my current case?
A: Absolutely. In fact, it likely will protect it better than your current case!

Q: Does it hold an A clarinet?
A: Nope. Too small.

Q: Will it fit in the front pouch of a bass clarinet case?
A: Yes, for some cases it will. For example you could probably fit TWO of these in a BAM trekking case.

Q: Will it fit in an overhead on a plane?
A: What, are you kidding me? It’ll fit in the seat-back pocket!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
SS Bell
These cases are the B.E.S.T.!!

So small. So light. And yet soooo sturdy: I never worry about my clarinets (yes, plural) coming to any harm when tucked into one of these Marcus Bonna cases. This is the second one I've purchased (because I seem to collect clarinets ... She with the most toys wins? ;) - which is probably the most emphatic endorsement of all!

Jim Cole
Love this Travel Case.

I already use a smaller case however when I fly I like being the clarinet on board in a backpack with my other items.

This case is considerably smaller yet fits all the pieces and hold them well. There is even a bit of extra room for reeds and cleaning swabs.

Anything else I may need I can piece into the suitcase. Just not the instrument itself. If for some reason I do need to pack it in a suitcase then it won’t take up too much room.

The color options made it fun.

Joanna Higgins
Compact Bb Clarinet case great design

Love the lightness and size of my bright yellow compact case! So enjoying using it.

Great Little Case

Truly ultra-compact. I can put my Bb in my bass clarinet case and still have room for reeds, mouthpieces, and music.

And it's PURPLE. Perfection!

Martin Marsic

Great little case! I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase! It has just enough room for my clarinet and Earspasm swab and will easily fit into my backpack. Now I can take my clarinet along on my business trips. Thanks for the great Earspasm service Michael and Catherine!