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Micro Digital Reed/Clarinet Hygrometer

Micro Digital Reed/Clarinet Hygrometer

Ever wonder what the humidity in your reed bag/case/sock is? (You should, because your reeds depend on it.)

Well, wonder no more. This 2" x 1" (5cm x 3cm) hygrometer will tuck in right next to your best reeds, and help you monitor their environment — both humidity and temperature! Works best with one of our two-way humidity packs and heavyweight, airtight zipper reed bags.

And, just as importantly, you might want to pick up a second one to monitor the humidity of your clarinet case. Winter is brutal on instruments, so this will help you keep yours at the proper temperature and humidity.

Accurate to within ±5% RH. Two LR44 (coin) batteries, included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James E Harrison
Works great!

It works great & is nice and small, easily fitting in my soprano clarinet case. Highly recommended.

Bruce San Filippo

I purchased a Micro Digital Reed/Clarinet Hygrometer a year or two ago to put in my clarinet case. It has functioned flawlessly and gives me great confidence that the humidity pack in the case is doing its job to protect the wood of my instrument. I purchased one more hygrometer last week to have as a backup. It is a reliable tool and a great bargain that brings peace of mind.

David Bergmann

Fast shipping, great price, and works like a charm!

Amie Ma

Very accurate and small! Fits anywhere in any case or bag!

James Wakil

Products work as advertised. Mike goes right into informative subject matter. No wasted words. Time spent watching / listening more than made up for in information and time saved. Thanks