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Everall Bass Clarinet Harness

Everall Bass Clarinet Harness

This bass clarinet strap is the most compact of the harness-type straps available. It works on a multitude of torso sizes, and a multitude of instrument sizes (from soprano sax to bass clarinet), so one strap can indeed fit all.

It's made by hand in Australia by Philip Everall and is based on a version that I first discovered when I was in Amsterdam studying with Harry Sparnaay. It clips to your belt in back, crosses over behind you, and up and over your shoulders. Here's why it's better than everything else out there.

  • 1,000,000% better than a neck strap. Because neck straps suck. Move on; nothing to see here.
  • Allows full range and freedom of motion, unlike traditional harnesses.
  • Doesn't punch you in the gut like the Saxholder
  • Will not slip off your pants like the BG harness.
  • Doesn't cost a fortune.
  • Is one-size-fits-nearly-everyone (and if it doesn't, see video below!)

Of course, your opinion may not be as full of roses and butterflies, so if you don't like it, you can send it back for a full refund!

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Geschirr zu groß? so ändern sie die größe!

Das Geschirr ist jetzt eine Einheitsgröße, aber es gibt sie in einer Einheitsgröße, die den meisten passt. Wenn Sie feststellen, dass der Gurt zu groß für Sie ist – auch wenn Sie ihn so fest wie möglich angezogen haben – können Sie den Knoten am „D“-Ring (das ist der Teil, an dem das Kabel am Gürtel befestigt ist) lösen Material) und kürzen Sie das Kabel passend zu Ihrem Rahmen. Es lässt sich ganz einfach lösen, aber wenn Sie nicht gut mit Knoten umgehen können, kann es schwierig sein, es auf die gleiche Weise wieder zu binden. Deshalb habe ich Philip Everall gebeten, ein Video zu erstellen, das Ihnen zeigt, wie man seinen Hybridknoten bindet (eigentlich sind es zwei Knoten, einer einfacher, einer etwas schwieriger). Und ohne weitere Umschweife: Hier ist Philip!

Customer Reviews

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Karen Luttik

Im needing to actually figure out how to attach the hook to the thumb rest....it's not snugging under there like my other strap. Any ideas?

Debbie Anderson

The bass clarinet harness works great for me. I'm a little old lady and the instrument sometimes gets away from me. This harness put the bass in its place. I use my flexible golf belt to hold it tight. Awesome!

Liam Boue

As advertised, freaking awesome and stands way above the rest. Super comfortable and movable.

Scott Daley

My new Everall bass clarinet harness has simply changed my entire life! OK, I'm exaggerating, but it really IS an excellent way to suspend a bass clarinet, bari sax, or my tenor for that matter--without even touching my neck! All the weight is on the shoulders (where it should be). Cool!

Orri Ingthorsson

Had another one from before that works like a charm for both the alto and tenor. Got this one for my baritone sax. It works fine and has a robust and trustworthy construction so I can trust it for my instrument without the fear of the harness breaking.