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Silver Plated Blashaus Bass Clarinet Neck (Selmer/Buffet)

Silver Plated Blashaus Bass Clarinet Neck (Selmer/Buffet)

This is the best bass clarinet neck in the world. Period. Seriously, find a better one, I'll wait.


Why do I make such a bold statement? These necks do a few magical things that I never thought possible (and would have scoffed at 10 years ago). The biggest difference is that they send more vibration energy into the bass clarinet. But how?

The trick, besides being made with high quality, thick-as-heck brass, is they are fitted with vertical metal bars on the top and bottom of the curves. These stiffen the neck, preventing vibration energy from escaping from before it's transferred into the bass clarinet.

Yes, I know this sounds like total marketing BS. Believe me, I thought so, too. Then I tried it.

My bass clarinet immediately responded more quickly, had a more centered sound, allowed me to move between registers much more easily, and produced a bigger, fuller timbre.

Finally, I am the only place in the world where you can get a silver version of this neck, which produces a slightly brighter sound than the gold version.

Steep vs Regular angle?

And now you have an option for the angle of the mouthpiece! The regular angle is the most common, and very popular, but many folks who prefer a steeper angle on their neck have been asking if I could carry the steep angle version. And the answer now, is YES!

Important info you should know before ordering this product:

I allow a 10-day trial (from date of arrival). If you love the neck, keep it—but if you don't, you can send it back in its original packaging, undamaged and unscratched for a full refund, minus a 3% restocking fee. Shipping is not refundable. Any damage to the neck will result in its return to you with no refund offered.

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einrichtung und anpassung

Alle Blashaus-Hälse erfordern eine anfängliche Einstellung. Lösen Sie die Schraube am Hals mit dem mitgelieferten Inbusschlüssel leicht (entfernen Sie die Schraube nicht), damit sich die Unterseite des Schlüssels bewegen kann. **Profi-Tipp: Wenn Sie den Schlüssel nur ein wenig lockern, wo noch etwas „Reibung“ vorhanden ist, ist diese Einstellung einfacher. Setzen Sie nun den Hals auf Ihre Bassklarinette und drücken Sie vorsichtig auf die Unterseite der Halsklappe, bis sie gerade den Registerklappenmechanismus am Instrument selbst berührt. Ziehen Sie die Schraube mit dem Innensechskantschlüssel fest. Nicht überdrehen. Wenn Sie den Hals auf eine andere Bassklarinette umstellen, führen Sie diese Setup-Anpassung einfach bei diesem Instrument durch. Wenn Sie einen Schlüssel verlieren, lassen Sie es mich wissen; Ich habe Extras.

Customer Reviews

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James Garcia

The biggest differences I have noticed:
- clarion E, Eb are so much better. These are the stuffiest notes on the buffet prestige usually.
- legato is better throughout all ranges
- Altissimo pitch is higher
- throat Bb is a less flat.
- basset notes have much more hold and focus at softer dynamics.

Mahler 6 excerpt is much more of a joy to play. I sound as good as I did on my stock neck, just requires much less work and compensating.

I don't like having gear that sticks out visually so I am grateful that Michael stocks the silver neck. I didn't try it against a gold neck. It may be brighter as he says but really anything can be evened out with the variances between reeds.

Andrew Brown

A wonderful addition for the right player! Adds hold and smoothness, especially through the throat register and lower clarion. Beautifully designed, crafted, and packaged.

Orlando Scalia

Good stuff!! I went into this specifically to find a neck that would allow me to play sharper than my stock neck. What I got is a tremendously efficient piece of gear. There is no wasted air when using it. My softs carry easily. My louds never collapse on themselves. The tuning is empirically more even. No longer will I be the victim of Midwestern winter tuning. In short, it makes my job easier. All I could ask for.

Jeremy Wohletz

This neck is the bomb. I did a trial with both this one and the gold plated one. I ended up purchasing the gold one, but this one still made a huge difference. Greater control with soft dynamics and the ability to really push the louder dynamics.

Andrew Smith

If you're reading this, chances are you're weighing up if it's worth spending as much on an extra piece of bendy metal tube for your bass as would buy a whole intermediate level clarinet. Only you can decide! For me, the Blashaus neck adds a richness to the tone across the registers, and with more power on tap for a wider dynamic range. If you prefer to be judged on the sound you make rather than what conspicuous after-market bling you attach to your instrument, the silver plated version is nicely understated.
It wasn't quite "plug and play" Some fiddling was needed to balance the speaker mechanism, using the Allen key provided and adjusting a couple of spring tensions to get it right. Another wrinkle is that the big tuning adjustment screw means the Blashaus won't fit the neck slot in the standard Buffet case. Overall a great product though, and great service - thanks Michael.