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Buffet Prestige Greenline Low C Bass Clarinet

Buffet Prestige Greenline Low C Bass Clarinet

Just like the Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet, but 100% less cracking. If you want to learn about the qualities of the instrument itself, I won't repeat them here. Click here to read about the Prestige bass.

Let's instead focus on what's different.

What exactly is "Greenline" material anyway? Simply put, it's Grenadilla powder (Grenadilla is African Blackwood, and is the wood used to make most clarinets), and about 5% carbon fiber. This process has some major implications, primary of which is that it will not crack. Why? Because while it's 95% wood, the (super-secret, patented) material does not have wood grain, so there is no natural "grain" for a crack to occur naturally. The addition of carbon fiber and (very small amount of) resin strengthen the material. Plus, the instrument is not subject to seasonal changes in wood. It does not shrink or expand with humidity or heat. As a result, the rods and keys do not bind or rattle with seasons.

Another benefit is that the tone holes are PERFECT, especially the tone hole surface that meets the pad. With wood, tiny grains cause tiny leaks. With Greenline material, no grains=no leaks. These instruments seal like a champ.

And, importantly, they are the musically-ecological equivalent to recycling cardboard; the Grenadilla dust that is generated from boring holes into wood instruments is recaptured and used for other instruments.

So okay, awesome. I'm saving the planet. What does it sound like??

Every single thing about how Buffet makes this instrument is the same as the "regular" 1193 Prestige. Same keys, same pads, same neck and bell, same everything. And amazingly, it sounds just like the regular prestige.

Are there downsides to this material? Yes. Wood is longitudinally stronger, which means it is very rare for a wood bass clarinet to crack in half. I have seen Greenline clarinets that have been accidentally knocked over crack off a tenon in the middle joint. But that's about the only downside.

Should I buy a regular Prestige or a Greenline Prestige? They're the same price.

This answer pretty much comes down to where you live. Dry climates (the American Southwest and Northern mountain states, and many other places in the world from Athens to Zimbabwe) are where instruments crack the most. Cold and dry climates are even worse. So if you live in, or if you often travel to places like this, a Greenline is going to be your friend. Simply put, with a Greenline, you have a virtual guarantee against cracking.

What about the pro setup?

Like all of my pro horns, I offer a pro setup for these instruments at no cost to you. I have the pad heights raised slightly for a freer-blowing (and less-stuffy) sound, which you can hear in the videos below. Notice that it is still perfectly in tune, but just more open sounding. I also slightly adjust the key tensions to provide a less taxing action, more like a Bb clarinet. (To me, this is critical if you're going to attempt play Daphnis — or Giant Steps — without planning a visit to the tendinitis doctor.)

The total cost of the "earspasm setup" (for want of a better term) and tweaking of this instrument is included in the price—even though I pay out of pocket for it. Yes, it reduces my profit. Yes, people have told me I should charge a premium for doing it.

But I don't like the idea charging more for something that should come standard. So I won't.

All earspasm instruments come with a 7-day trial. Please read my trial policy before pulling out that credit card.

The instrument comes with

  • Standard Buffet case with hideaway backpack straps
  • Stock Buffet Mouthpiece
  • Neck strap, shoulder strap (for case), cork grease, warranty card, etc.

If you also would like the matching rose-gold Buffet Icon neck, contact me for a 10% discount code. The neck must be purchased and shipped with the instrument to receive this discount. (And yes, you can return the neck if you don't like it!)


Q: What if I'm in New York and want to try it in person?
A: Contact me to set up an appointment, and let's do it!

Q: I see some of these instruments are "open box." What does that mean?
A: Sometimes I get instruments that have been at a trade show, or have a cosmetic issue on the case (seriously. the case), and I get a discount on these instruments. I pass that discount along to you. They get the same treatment as all of the instruments I sell, namely a full setup by my tech. You literally cannot tell the difference between this and a new instrument. Naturally, they also come with a full warranty (see below).

Q: Does the instrument come with a warranty?
A: Yes, it comes with the standard Buffet warranty against cracks (lol), etc. If you ever have any problem with the instrument, I'm your quarterback. I'll take care of the whole process, just let me know you need help, and I'll take it from there.

Q: What happens if it's damaged during shipping?
A: Inspect the package before you sign off at delivery! If there are any issues resulting from shipping, we have taken out an insurance policy to cover damage (and loss). But we need you to document this damage or we can't do anything to help.

Q: If I decide to return it, do also I have to pay return shipping costs?
A: Yes. And you will also want to insure it!

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. You can add your shipping address when checking out to see what the shipping costs will be before taking the plunge. Note that VAT and Customs Duties are not included in this cost.

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