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Backun Fatboy Barrel (Bb/A Clarinet) Cocobolo/Grenadilla

Backun Fatboy Barrel (Bb/A Clarinet) Cocobolo/Grenadilla

The Fatboy. Unfortunate name, but I guess it's appropriate for two reasons: 1) it's kinda fat, and 2) that's the sound you get out of it. It's freakin' huge. Literally, this barrel will raise the ceiling on any clarinet it's put on.

But even with that big sound, these barrels have a unique design to keep that sound warm and dark (if you've got an R13 Bb or A clarinet, you know that your sound can get kinda bright sometimes. Try the Fatboy, and you'll see what a difference it makes!) And note, you read that right: this barrel will work on BOTH Bb and A clarinets, so be sure to try it on both!

Resistant notes feel less resistant; super-open notes feel less...super-open. It evens everything out.

Cocobolo vs. Grenadilla? That's up to you; they both feel about the same to me, so it's pretty much an aesthetic thing. Note: These barrels fit only Backun, Buffet, Royal, and Uebel clarinets—but not Selmer. Contact me if you'd like to try one for your Selmer.

These barrels are available on trial for two weeks. Here is how my bell/barrel trial works:

Purchase the barrel(s) or bell(s) you would like to try. I will run your card for everything you select.

  • When the item(s) arrive, keep the packaging (and the included return label).
  • You have 14 days to try the items.
  • Anything you would like to keep...keep!
  • Anything you would like to return, package them up in the same tube and box they came in, slap the return label on the box and drop them in the mail.
  • Send me an email to let me know they're coming, so I can be on the lookout for them.
  • I will quickly evaluate everything for scratches or any other damage (you've been careful...right?), and refund your credit card.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email!

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Customer Reviews

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Vincent Xie

The barrel is very nice, and gives my clarinet a great tone!