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Katherine's Tarnish-B-Gone Anti-Tarnish strips

Katherine's Tarnish-B-Gone Anti-Tarnish strips

2 strips for just a buck! Each one lasts at least 12 months!

Let's talk about why tarnish happens to clarinets. (TL;DR: Mouthpieces = Sulfur = Tarnish.)

But read on for my 60-second chemistry lesson:

Mouthpieces are made of hard rubber. Vulcanization is the chemical process that converts natural rubber and other polydiene elastomers into cross-linked polymers. The most common vulcanization agent is...you guessed it sulfur. Tarnish is a product of a chemical reaction between a metal and a nonmetal compound, especially sulfur dioxide. Sulfur Dioxide is that "rotten egg" smell — put your mouthpiece in a sealed bag for a day or so, and then open it by your nose and you'll immediately recognize the smell.

These 2x7 inch (5x28 cm) strips react with and permanently neutralize the Sulfur Dioxide in your case before it can tarnish the nickel, silver, or brass plating on your beautiful instrument—FOR A FULL YEAR!

50¢ apiece? How can you afford not to pick up a couple?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shelly LeCaine-Valdivia

Very cheap and arrived quickly! Had a tarnish issue with my instrument for some reason and since putting these in my case I haven't noticed anymore tarnish!

Ralph Taylor

Excellent choice to put in your case to mitigate tarnish risk.

Tammi Thompson

They arrived in a timely manner. I'm pleased!