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Traveling with a Bass Clarinet on airplanes

| bass clarinet, gear, travel | No Comments

Another great question today from the mailbag: I’m traveling on a plane with my Selmer bass clarinet (low Eb) for the first time this summer and I’m wondering what you do for traveling with your instrument. Do you trust the airplane gods with your instrument underneath? Or do you have a separate case for air travel? Some other brands of cases are compact enough that it’s fine for carry-on, but mine is too large currently. I never, ever, ever travel…

Used bass clarinet?

| bass clarinet, Buying a bass, clarinet, Food for thought, Newbies | No Comments

From the mailbag: I recently read your blog post that you wrote years ago about acquiring a bass clarinet in Paris. That inspired me to contact my friend there to follow your steps, but unfortunately I have to wait until November to try horns in Selmer factory. My friend came up with an alternative plan of which he tried the only Selmer instrument in a shop in Paris. As I need a bass sooner than later, I am hesitant to…

Voicing vs. Biting, and Improvisation (from the mailbag)

| bass clarinet, clarinet, gear, Improvisation, Performance problems | No Comments

I got some great questions from Italy this morning. These seem to be universal questions, so I thought it might be helpful to post the exchange for anyone struggling with high notes, improvising, etc. Here’s goes: I actually have a few questions for you: I started playing the clarinet quite recently (about 6 months ago) and the fact of being a sound engineer and already playing various other instruments has helped a lot, but some things are hard to wrap…

Buying a bass clarinet in 2014

| bass clarinet, clarinet, Food for thought, Newbies | 3 Comments

So, I just came back from Paris after visiting the Selmer factory and buying some horns. I was trying their new Selmer Privilege Bb and A clarinets (totally amazing) and 5 Privilege bass clarinets. I wanted to update everyone on how you can go about buying a horn (at least from Selmer), and how you can get it back to the US in one piece. It’s actually easier than ever. Here’s how: make an appointment with Selmer in Paris telling…