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Voicing vs. Biting, and Improvisation (from the mailbag)

| bass clarinet, clarinet, gear, Improvisation, Performance problems | No Comments

I got some great questions from Italy this morning. These seem to be universal questions, so I thought it might be helpful to post the exchange for anyone struggling with…

Buying a bass clarinet in 2014

| bass clarinet, clarinet, Food for thought, Newbies | 3 Comments

So, I just came back from Paris after visiting the Selmer factory and buying some horns. I was trying their new Selmer Privilege Bb and A clarinets (totally amazing) and…

My bass clarinet…and mouthpiece, and reeds.

| bass clarinet, clarinet, gear, ligature, mouthpiece | One Comment

I got a note in the mailbag today which was sort of cute — and I realized reading it that I’ve never talked about it on the blog. “Hello Mr….

The State of Music Education

| Uncategorized | One Comment

A random post I read on the ICA Facebook page inspired this rant. I wanted to clip my comment and post it here as a way of starting a broader…