Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic Clarinet Reeds — Singles

Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic Clarinet Reeds — Singles


Note: These are priced per reed. One of ‘em. (Not a box. Though you’re welcome to buy 10 of them, and I may just throw in the box for free)

These are another newer variety Vandoren produces. The 56 Rue Lepic clarinet reed is designed from thicker cane, and has a taper from tip to heel. They typically are about 1/2-strength harder than the traditional cut (the “blue box”) so take that into consideration.

FWIW, they are my current go-to reed for my Vandoren B45• mouthpiece.

These reeds are ideal for advanced clarinet players. Feel free to buy single reeds—I don’t charge a premium for breaking up a box, so you can just buy a few, or mix and match. Seriously no one else does this.

For those doing math, 10 reeds are cheaper than full-box prices anywhere else. I checked.

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