Reed plaque (white/clear)

Reed plaque (white/clear)


A good, inexpensive, unbreakable reed plaque is hard to find. Now you can choose either our white, non-toxic, food grade, HDPE polyethylene plaque, or our clear, non-toxic, acrylic plaque. Either way, you get a 4″ x 1″ x .25″ (10cm x 2.5cm x .6cm) plaque that is virtually indestructible, and is guaranteed for 1,000,000 reed sandings. Okay, 2,000,000 reed sandings.

(If you can prove you’ve sanded more than even 100,000 reeds, I’ll send you another one free. Vandoren will probably also name a wing of their factory after you.)

Perfect for every sax and clarinet reed! But choose wisely. It will be the last reed plaque you will ever need.

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