Everall Bass Clarinet Harness

Everall Bass Clarinet Harness


This bass clarinet strap is the most compact of the harness-type straps available. It works on a multitude of torso sizes, and a multitude of instrument sizes (from soprano sax to bass clarinet), so one strap can indeed fit all.

It’s made by hand in Australia by Philip Everall and is based on a version that I first discovered when I was in Amsterdam studying with Harry Sparnaay. It clips to your belt in back, crosses over behind you, and up and over your shoulders. Here’s why it’s better than everything else out there.

  • 1,000,000% better than a neck strap. Because neck straps suck. Move on; nothing to see here.

  • Allows full range and freedom of motion, unlike traditional harnesses.

  • Doesn’t punch you in the gut like the Saxholder

  • Will not pull off your pants like the (totally copycat, IMO) BG harness and BeltHeld*

  • Doesn’t cost a fortune.

  • Is one-size-fits-nearly-everyone (and if it doesn’t fit you, you can send it back, free).

Of course, your opinion may not be as full of roses and butterflies, so if you don’t like it, you can send it back!

*Dirty Laundry note: I used to sell BeltHeld, and cut ties with the company who designs that harness. The quality control was not up to par, and I had way, way too many straps returned with manufacturing issues, which were not addressed by the manufacturer. I’ve never had a single one of these Everall harnesses come back in the 10 years I’ve sold, and personally used them. Rest assured, these are made to last, and Phil stands behind his work.

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